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Nuclear Power

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By the way, in case you guys didn't see it and have something to say on the subject, I started a discussion on nuclear power the other day in the Renewable Energy section of the forum.

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Forgive me for interjecting a link with a few facts on the subject.

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Scientific American's Earth 3.0 did a pretty good overview of this a few weeks ago.

Particularly on page two of the article they mention some forecasts that may make nuclear much more competitive with coal, including a hefty carbon tax on coal and the dream of having standardized nuclear plants, essentially bringing down the startup cost by mass production, rather than having each individual one designed by hand by PhD's.

I think solar thermal has a lot of potential, but the fact that it is still new wheras nuclear has been proven reliable for decades could shy away investors.

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To allow nuclear costs to come down via large scale production of new plants, you basically need a quasi-socialistic government program to fund it (like France's).  With each plant costing around $10 billion, that's the only feasible way to accomplish this.  The ironic thing is that conservatives are generally the biggest proponents of nuclear energy, and also very anti-socialism.


Another nice thing about concentrated solar thermal is that it's a pretty simple system.  Just a whole bunch of big old mirrors pointed at a power tower.  And technically it's not really a new technology.

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