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Carbon Offsets

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I've got 6 sites listed in my GCC file under "Carbon Offsets," -- the site below being one of the more useful, in my opinion -- but am trying to explore the topic in more depth and was wondering if the group could contribute their thoughts and share links so I can tighten up this section in my files.


Thanks everyone.

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We did an interview with a guy from Village Green Energy, which does renewable energy credits.  That was very informative.


There's also a wiki on the subject and a product category with reviews.

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That was helpful, thanks.  I added a number of sites to various categories -- the whole listing process is a bit bloated but I can usually find things on the 2nd pass if I miss it on the first -- and I added a category for Regional Tracking Systems/REC's. 


We'll see if anyone else throws something into the pot, but in any case, your leads helped bulk up a weak area for me, and I appreciate it.  Again, thanks.

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My pleasure.  Huddler's a good source of information for that sort of thing.  The renewable energy credits option in particular is pretty interesting.

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amy do you use tags? its a fiddle adding them but makes retrieval much easier. i use firefox which has them in favourites but my best filing system is on delicious where you can rob everyone elses stuff too.

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I use bookmarks or favorites like crazy on my own computer, so this sounds like something I'd find useful.  I picked up another link, and the carbon offsets category of my file is more respectable now,  thanks.

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yes the other benefit is being online you can access it anywhere :-)


hey, i just found another grassland sequestration article;


did you find the other one i left on your profile page?

cant do links there so here it is again


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Wow!  Working my way through the first link was incredible!  I read some things, grabbed links for others, created a new category in my master list.  Thanks so much for sharing that one, I'll return when time permits and check out the other.

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i have a vested interest; 1/2 acre of pony paddock that should be planted up with orchard really, but that would spoil my parents view of the im investigating temperate grassland carbon myself. mycorhyyza + mixed grasses + mixed clovers and vetches looking a good bet, and i have that already. i also started getting into grazing nutrition; cows on old mixed pasture and no cattle cake emit less methane than those on 'improved' rye grass.  apparently garlic helps too, so i give the little ones to paddy the horse when he is over here, he loves it, nods his head and slobbers lol!

and observing the variety of herbs as they spread into the ley over the years is fascinating. many of them are medicinal, must be good for the animals to be able to dose thamselves... my excuses to leave it be ;-)

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*o.t.* amy, check out this bit of kit! i dont understand a tenth of it yet but it looks awesome!


Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. It lives right where you do your work — in the web browser itself.


i nicked it off comments on open mind. that hank geezer is brill.

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We use Mozillz Firefox, but I hadn't come across this option.  Thanks for sharing, I will check it out!  Thanks!

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