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Walking directions

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I may be way out of the loop but I just found out about this Google service.  The will map out walking directions between two locations.  It doesn't really help me out here in the sticks but those of you in the cities or visiting cities, it would work great.




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I have to say...I do love Google Maps.  It's so handy to be able to map out walking directions (in the San Francisco Bay Area, they also have a service to map your route by public transportation...it's not as good as the one run by the public transit system itself...but it's still cool).  And street view is just so helpful!  I always tend to feel better about going somewhere if I know what I'm looking for...


Anyway...that's my love for Google Maps.  But agreed, herodrx1!  So great they offer walking directions.

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Yeah, I use the 'avoid highways' option for my moped too.


Google Earth is even better because you can really see where you're going, and then you can send the directions to Google Maps to print them out.  Except you can't do the walking or no highway directions with Google Earth.

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