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I wanted to tell you guys about a project that several people (including myself) are working on in Georgia. While still in the initial stages, we  are hoping to bring a Future Farmstead to Tifton, Georgia. We want to have an ecofriendly home that incorporates new technology to monitor farm operations. The Future Farmstead team is looking for all types of recyclable materials from lumber to anything really. We are super excited and hope to create a farm that will have minimal impact on the Earth, while maintaing a comfortable environment. We would greatly appreciate any information or suggestions to what you think would be great to incorporate. Some of the cool things that we have been thinking about are:


-Attached greenhouses for growing food to decrease transportation costs

-Partially burming the home to create a cooler climate (south GA is sweltering mid summer)

-Solar panels

-Remotely monitoring the farm using internet cameras and more


-Passive solar heating and cooling

-Structurally insultated panels

-and much more.


I would be grateful for any ideas or input.





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