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I talked about this on here for a bit, this is the after the fact update I posted on my blog today because I kept getting asked for one. I thought I would let you guys know how it went as well.

I know this is a long time after the fact. I stopped updating on how my fast went during the time because I was getting so much negative feedback and that was really dragging me down during what ended up being a very beneficial experience, one I plan to repeat every spring and fall for the rest of my life.

Maybe I will feel more confident to give a play by play of one of my future fasting experiences. For my first experience I did not need the negativity so I got away from it by distancing myself from the source.

Here is how my fast went for those that have been curious and asking for an after the fact update.

A few months ago I did a 3 day modified water only fast, drinking 10 glasses of water a day, followed by a month long raw fruit and veggie fast. I originally planned on a 21 day modified water fast but found that with other stresses in life I was not up to that task. It was also too daunting for my husband to do the water only fast for that long, but he did join me in the 3 day water fast followed by the month long raw fruit an veggie fast. So the final fasting experience was choosen for various reasons but I feel it was the right choice at the time. I might try a longer water fast in the future.

I did stick to doing the three day water fast first because that is what my research indicated was the most beneficial way to start any fast cycle. For both me and my husband the three days wasn't as hard as we thought it would be. I think the days leading up to the fast was harder for us from psyching ourselves out over it then the three days without food was. I do feel from my experience this was a beneficial way to start. It made it much easier to stick to the raw fruit and veggie diet, in my opinion then if we had just dove into the raw fruit and veggie fast from our regular diet.

As I meantioned above we did some tweaks to the fast. Most fasts tell you to only drink when you are thristy, with heart complications this isn't advisable so I still drank 10 glasses of water a day. I also during research found some stuff that said the opposit of most fast sources in that more water actually aides in the detoxing during fast. So in this it just depends on what the faster thinks is the case. I personally tend to agree based on what I know of how the body flushes out toxins. It makes more sense to me that water would aid in cleansing the body of toxins, not hinder it.

I did start to feel pretty bad about a week into the fast that lasted for most of the fast, I definitly had more bad days then good, as I understand it theoretically this is because there is actually more toxins in your system/blood then normal as your body flushes them out. I have some heart issues from my last pregnancy and that was the main reason I did a detox fast. During the actual fast I had more chest pains then normal, but I was having chest pains very regularly at this point and this fast was one of my last attempts to treat my heart naturally before giving into using conventional medicine. So, this was a special circumstance and personal choice and risk I knowingly and with months of research prior chose to take.

My husband did not have nearly the bad days I did. His fasting experience was largely a positive one and he felt energized and had a 'fasting high' most days. He had one or two days that he would feel a little sick, again theoretically these would be days the toxin levels in his system were larger then it was accustomed to dealing with.

Prior to this fast I had failed through other natural remedies, diet and daily exercise to get my blood pressure back down to my normal or to get my hearts resting or active rate within normal levels. A few weeks after coming out of the fast my heart rate and blood pressure all of a sudden started dropping down to normal levels. The chest pains I was suffering daily prior to the fast and multiple times a day during it are today (4 months post fast) almost non existent and only tend to happen if I push myself too hard while exercising or don't keep myself well hydrated, again mostly while exercising. Both I and my caregiver feel that the fast was the main factor for this difference and was a turning point in treating my heart. I also strongly believe it is the main reason I am able to continue to treat my heart health naturally instead of relying on conventional medication; although, I do continue to take one 81 mg dose of aspirin daily.

I strongly feel this was beneficial to my health in more ways then one. As I have also now been able to return to my before pregnancy exercise habits. I can run/jog long distances again without chest pain and that was something I had really missed during my pregnancy and in the past year and a half. I was still jogging for short periods of time, but my heart just wasn't dealing with anything very long and the result being a jarring run for 10 minutes here and there was not enjoyable. So I feel this fast also gave me back my lifestyle as well as my health.

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