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I work for a solar panels company in the UK. My job is our online promotion, which involves writing extensively about renewable energy, both on our own site and on lots of other people's sites.


We've just launched a boilers costs comparison service too, which encourages energy efficiency rather than just generating renewable energy - but there's still a lot of work to be put into that website before it's ready.


Renewable energy questions? Ask me!

Best wishes,



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Hi all, psquare is a nickname I was given many years ago for my initials PP. Glad to be here in the community, to learn and also to find an outlet for some strong first hand knowledge of corporate waste and gross mishandling of recycleable products. I really feel that all of us who are concerned with the welfare of our planet, as well as the general public who is not quite on board yet, should be aware of and possibly brainstorm some solutions to such disturbing practices as I have witnessed in my last eight months of employment. 

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Hi Fellows,


Hello from B.C. Canada. This is a great forum to share ideas and projects to make the world a greener place to live. Keep up the good work. There is hope as long as there are people willing to stand up for the environment.

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Hi my name is Eric and I work within the green energy specialising in LED Lighting and so am looking forward to hearing your views on this and any other products such as Solar Panels within the industry. Look forward to getting to know the community!

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Hi Guys,

I'll cut my intro short, since I'm extremely excited to post and reply to more on topic threads. My name is Dylan & as most of you might have already gazed it by now that I'm pretty new to your community and that I've just started in green living. So I would really appreciate to learn a thing or two from you guys. Hopefully I will find a lot of information here, which I think I really would :)
I look forward to conversing with more of you on here.

Go Green, Mumbai Hotels
- Dylan

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Hi guys, I am new to this community (and that makes me introduce myself). My name is Jimmy Anderson. I love nature. By nature I mean everything excluding man-made things. I love trees, mountains, rivers, and everything that is green. I want to spread awareness for greenery to the people of Middle East. As Pakistan is my country, I love to participate in spreading greenery, growing plants and trees and saving animals. My dream is a green earth! :)

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Hi, Karen, from Sydney, Australia. I am new to Greenoptions, but I think my sentiments are aligned with many members.I am busy adding to my web site where I hope to alert consumers to the dangers of chemicals in cosmetics and skin care products. I would like to join in on some forums, so will have a cruise around and see what is happening! Good vibes to all!

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Hello I am Andy from Woodland Washington, I am a Shaklee Distributor (Very Happy with them) and have a business that we run to help people start their Shaklee Businesses and to support them as they grow.

Take a look (Yes this is a little bit of a commercial) and


We help people to get started and work as a team to build successful home businesses around the Shaklee business opportunity.


We do what few other Shaklee distributors do, which is work as a team for the benefit of the entire team.


Little known fact... Shaklee was the first company to be certified as 100% climate neutral.




Shaklee developed the first multivitamin in or around 1915.



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Hello all---We are an organization of entrepreneurial leaders that have come together to create a global business utilizing a revolutionary platform called Social Marketing™.

Each independent leader brings an array of unique talents and abilities to the team. This has enabled us to develop a mentoring system of leadership that allows people the opportunity to build a business of their own, Providing generational income while creating a lifestyle dedicated to 
better health, prosperity and

a Green Lifestyle.

The Key difference between us and other work at home businesses is that with we have a system in place to help our team find Leads / Clients.

With our website and GuidetoGreen.Com,  we help our team with leads to drive the and build business.

      These are just a couple of the reasons why we say:

"With HomeBizCentral you'll be in business for yourself but not by yourself"


Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.


Andy Dunn


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Hi all,


My name is Jen and I look forward to being a part of this community.  Environmental issues have always been incredibly important to me and after earning my undergrad in biology I spent several years working in the field of environmental education.  


I am currently working on building a website that aims to make it easy and fun to take actions to live more sustainably called EcoNinja.  This site is still in its infancy and while many people in this community may already know the tips and ideas we have to offer, if anyone has any feedback on the site or ways we could make it better, I would love to hear them.


Best regards,



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Thought ya'll that read this blog might like my Kickstarter project around an Environmentally sensitive comic strip. Jim Duster, Austin, TX. Project url:


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Hi Everyone I'm Jeff.  My wife and I reinvented the wastebasket to make an eco-friendly trash/recycle can.  We posted about it over in the other forum at:

Hoping you all can give us a little support in our adventure and looking forward to learning a lot from you.

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Hi Everyone!


I'm Andrew. happy to have found these eco forums. Ready to learn and network.  Fulltime woodworker, building everything from reclaimed wood.  Before winter, plan to have a fully operational sawdust stove. Believer : Our ingenuity and will to survive, to succeed, will reverse our effects.





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I am Amelia. I always use eco-friendly products. I love nature.

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I am a man named Marc, and I like here.

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Originally Posted by Marc Ma View Post

I am a man named Marc, and I like here.


Originally Posted by AmeliaSltr View Post

I am Amelia. I always use eco-friendly products. I love nature.   will bring you to know me more...

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 I'm marine biologist, I have a majoring in marine biology/biological oceanography with a minor in animal science. 
I'm editor of the Marine Biologist local magazine. 
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I am so excited about the chance to harness and control my own Power. I am looking at a 1000 DTE bill right now, so you can imagine the urgency when i speak to you!!!

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Hello friends I am Ashling.....

I am happy to be the part of this greenoptions family...

Good day to all

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Hello All My Name is howard


I work for a renewables company which install solar panels and biomass boilers, the company has been trading for 14 years and started its life with energy efficient underfloor heating. The company started installing solar panels over 10 years ago before the feed in tariff came into place.


As a company we have been very successful and increased our portfolio and workforce to include all aspects of renewable enegy products and systems. We have carried out a lot of large commercial and public sector jobs along with 1000's of domestic installation.

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Hello. My name is Ed and I just joined. Stopping in to say hi. I live is MA and work at Thermo Energy. Anyone hear about us yet?

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Hi I'm Jane and I write about Boston Green Events for Please DM me on Twitter @CornBlogGirl is you have an event you'd like me to cover!

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Hi I am from Allied Reliability, excited to be a part of this great green community. I am always looking for more innovative ways to live greener and lessen my carbon footprint.

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I am Isabella and I am a teacher. I work in primary school and write a blog: Tips for drivers - my exhusband was a driving instructor and I know a lot how to ride well.


I am 33 years old and I am from London. I have a daughter - Sarah is 12 years old and from 4 months we have a little dog Pikachu :) no comment pleas... my little girl love all Pokemons

"Gotta catch 'em all" - all lucky we have only one :)

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This thread is old but I figured I introduce myself: my name is Kazie. I came across this site randomly and hope there's some information I can contribute as well as connect with others.


My favorite pass time activities are to run and take care of my friends' and families' dogs. I live in a big city in the SF Bay Area, California. Nice to meet you all!

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Hi all,

My name is McGee (yes, that's my first name...hippy parents) and I just moved to the San Francisco Bay area after ten years in Milwaukee. I started a company called MeterHero last year, and I'm leaving my job as a professor at Marquette in order to pursue the company full time. I have always been frustrated by the fact that as environmentalists, most of what we do is actually really good for the economy as well as for the earth, but aside from "saving money on my bill" the economic value of what we do is hardly ever recognized. 


A couple of years ago, I started a software company with some of my students called H2Oscore, which worked with water utilities to promote water conservation. I probably should have known better, but I came to realize that most water utilities actually don't want to promote water conservation. Their revenues and budgets are based on selling more water - and the solutions they prefer mostly punish us as consumers.


I started MeterHero as a way to get around the water utilities. Conservation is important, it's economically valuable, and it's important for the environment. We shouldn't be held hostage by their monopoly. We developed a way to measure conservation by taking meter readings and then we started using the utility's own data to measure and reward conservation. 


Where utilities offer rebates only if you agree to buy something, we thought that rebates should be available just for saving water. And anyone should be able to fund a rebate to offset their own water footprint. If we all committed to net-zero, we wouldn't have a water crisis! 


Along the way, we figured out that we could use our same calculations to measure energy savings. So we're now working on a rebate program for saving electricity and natural gas too!


I would love all of you to join the MeterHero Savers Club. These are people who agree to try to save water and energy and get paid rebates for every gallon, kilowatt, or therm that they save. I think this community is proof that we don't have to wait around for governments to act - as my parents used to say, If the people lead, the leaders will follow!

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Hello Everyone,


I am new to this forum. My name is Evlin Symon a beautician. I am a huge fan of this site It always has creative and helpful post for his readers.




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