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Welcome to the community! Introduce yourself

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Hello all -


Thanks so much for taking some time to check out what we've built - we hope you like it.


I'll start with my intro. I'm Dan Gill (deej) - a current employee of Huddler and huge fan of what's to come with all the sites.


I was originally born in Belleville, ON, Canada and, after many moves around the US, now live in Redwood City, CA. While I have many interests and passions, these days, I'm all about Huddler, so let me know how I can help.


Who's next?

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It's Lornie from Dallas, I am so excited about the site as we are building our dream home in Lexington, VA.  We are planning lots of eco-friendly building products and hope to learn and share on Huddler.

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Hey all!  Lian from Berkeley -- yes, the East Bay, home to lots of greenies.  I'm living in a studio apartment, so I'm not shopping for large appliances, but I'm hoping to learn how to be more green in smaller ways -- recommended cleaning products, places to buy affordable, organic, sustainably-grown produce, etc. 

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Hey folks.


My name's Cristina Foung (stins) - I also work over here at Huddler.


I grew up in the Bay Area, went to Brown University in Rhode Island, and now I'm back in California.  Not only am I interested in sustainable lifestyles, but I also love green architecture, cupcakes, and photography (there are a few other things too). 


Let me know if you have any questions!

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I'm Dan......a financial software educator and implementer by day and a home renovator (of our home only) during spare time. We have done the usual average home owner 'green' stuff like recycling in both the blue and green bins ever since our neighbourhood went that way, some light bulb replacement to energy saving types and so on.


As part of our home renovation we are participating in Canada's ecoENERGY Retrofit program wherein we received an energy audit of our home and learned a whole lot that we never knew before.


We couldn't find any articles of actual energy audits on the web so we published our own experiences on the ECOENERGY page of our blog, Daily Home Renovation Tips, if any one is interested. Every home owner should have one done. Many local utilities give them free upon the asking.


So, from that energy audit we have been 'turned on' (in an environmentally conscious way :-) ) to reducing consumption of non-renewable energy resources (water, electricity and heat).


Glad to be a member here.



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Hi everyone,  I'm Dana.  Grew up in Davis, California, then did my undergrad at Berkeley (astrophysics), came back to Davis for grad school (physics) and got my Masters.  Then went looking for a job, found out there wasn't much demand for physicists, decided it would be cool to get a job in an environmental field, and became an environmental scientist near Sacramento (at former McClellan Air Force Base).  Currently I'm part of the project working to clean the base up (lots of nasty contamination from Air Force operations) so the property can be privatized and leased/sold.


Some of my hobbies include learning about the science behind global warming and learning about alternative fuel technologies.  Last year I got an electric scooter for my commute to work (I also bike), and I'm eagerly anticipating the various EVs which are set to come out in the next year or two.

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I am just like this German Shepherd. I like to be nice to little munchkins like this kitty, but will easily tear someone's throat out for preying on someone else, especially someone weaker.


-insert deep breath here-

I did 8+ years as an enlisted sailor and then I decided I wanted to do more to make positive changes in the Navy, so I submitted an application, got selected, and became a Naval Officer. I did another few years before medically retiring as a disabled veteran. After medically retiring, the wife decided she could not do more than lucky 13 years. She also couldn't live up in NE GA with all those 'backwards people'. This is why I am now in Florida. I had no real ties there that couldn't easily be broken so I didn't have any real drive to fight about it. So, while the kids are about to be teenagers and will really need their dad, I figured I will let them be my driving force for a while.


I have been medically retired for 2 1/2 years now. Although it's prolly a dream for most people, it was hard at first. I had to adjust to going from being an accomplishment junkie to someone who gets too damn tired from unloading the dishwasher.


Before, when I was a 'normal', I worked for a future that I missed too many 'now' opportunities for. I also, made too much damn money, so I didn't concern myself with alternative energies or the limited resources we have on this planet. Now, ironically, I am the most self-confident I've been and although I only make a fraction of what I used to, that is not my motivator for alternative energies being my new passion. I enjoyed/enjoy bettering the world around me and I loved/love fixing, building, designing, creating most things.


So, the idea of an alternative energy driven car that eliminates dependence on oil is stimulating and worhty of much effort. Furthermore, some kind of alternative energy driven car/truck that doesn't mean a compromise  to a grossly underpowered, ugly, so small if someone hits you yer hamburger, means of transportation. So, you can actually live a life that doesn't require you to live in a loft downtown, so you could actually have horses, or a boat, or a motorhome that doesn't require a small loan to fill the tank on.



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Hi, I love this site! I live in North Texas with my husband, 3 dogs and 3 cats, all rescued animals, some rescued from the shelter and some from along the roadside.


Our daughter is attending college here, studying architecture, and she is planning to go ito green architecture as her specialty. Once she graduates, she's going to design our retirement home, using as many sustainable features as we can afford.


We're currently researching products for our new home. We hope to have about 5 acres so we can have a big garden and plenty of room for our dogs to run.


I belong to an organic food coop here locally and we buy our meat right from the farmer who uses organic and ethical methods to raise his animals. I also have my own health and wellness website where I promote alternative health remedies and taking control of your own health, doing what you can do to improve and maintain your body.


I also have a home business selling organic skin and body care products, which I firmly believe in. If I'm going to eat organic food, then I shouldn't be putting chemicals on my skin or using them in my toothpaste either.


Looking forward to getting to know everyone.


Joan in TX


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Hi all,

   I just joined huddler today and I'm already having fun posting reviews.

   Currently my spouse and I are trying to live a green experiment: in addition to buying local and sustainable products whenever we can, we've gone vegetarian and a little over a year ago we went car free. After those first steps, we bought a small (600 sq ft) trailer to live in that we run on renewable energy and we are starting plans to grow our own organic fruits and vegetables.


One suggestion I'd have is perhaps to see about photo integration with sites like flickr or picassa.



I'm really enjoying the site so far and I look forward to participating!

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hey guys,



Tessiebug from Dallas tx. and I want to go green. I am thinking of givivng up my car and take public trans. and save up for an eco friendly car.  Good luck to you all

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Hi. PetSMiLEs from LA. I'm going away to graduate school in Santa Barbara this year to pursue my career in the environmental field. My goal is to be financially secure while securing the environment for future generations! I am a hobbyist musician, bike-commuter, and a REALLY bad surfer...but I'm learning.

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 Hi!  I'm Jerri from North Texas -  I think this Huddler idea is tremendous!  I love the name and am so excited to be able to have a site to go to for lots of information and networking.  I am not computer savvy but have found this site very easy to navigate!  The "green" info is such a hot topic these days and is the way of the future.  I look forward to coming to this site before making any future purchases to see what is in the marketplace and what others are saying about the products they have purchased.  

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Hello Everyone! I'm Sommer from Green and Clean Mom and I'm excited to be a part of this online huddle.  How fun! It's nice to hear everyone point of view and what they like and don't like. There are more and more great options out there. I'll just be forward and say I'm a Shaklee fan and distributor but it just happens to be the right option for my family. That does not mean it is for everyone or that I push it on people. I just don't hide it.  I use lots of stuff though and love trying new products out for the home. Going green is a learning experience but through my blog you'll see I'm far from perfect but trying but best to do my best each day. Being a role model to my children is what matters most.




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Howdy greenies! :)


My name is LuAnn and I live in a teeny tiny town in Kentucky with my husband, and our 3 children (2 boys - ages 11 and 9, and 1 girl, age 5).


I work at a residential/teaching facility for adults with MR/DD (mental retardation and developmental disabilities).  The amount of chemicals they use there is SCANDALOUS.  One disinfectant spray has a warning "DO NOT INHALE FUMES", yet we are supposed to spray it around like water.  The administration just doesn't seem to get that by use of these harsh chemicals, they may be doing harm to the very residents they seek/claim to protect! *sigh*


I'll get off my soapbox now. *lol*


Thanks to stins for posting this site on Maya's Mom so I could find it! *two thumbs up*

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Hello Everyone.


This is, we are website that deals with bringing information dealing with Renewable/Non-Renewable Energy.   We want people to be informed.  Check us out and share any articles or information that you have.  We are updating our site all the time.  Hope to be a good source for everyone.

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 Howdy! Robert L. Pritchett from Richland, WA. I publish the online macCompanion Magazine and have been running a section each month  I named "Greenware",  since September of 2007.


I also own and operate the 3-Rivers Synergy Centre as an Alternative Energy Consultancy.


I also have been editing and updating the Pure Energy System Wiki as a member of the New Energy Congress.


I'm currently co-coordinating the Alternative Energy Expo, sponsored by the Franklin PUD in Franklin County, WA with an Speaker's Symposium and an Electrathon.


I also started a non-profit Alternative Energy User Group and have established a Solar Energy Consulting Group over on the LinkedIn professional social online network.

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Howdy Everyone!

We are in Tx and are slowly moving more and more green.  As long as people are open minded and start somewhere, we can all move toward a healthier planet.   I say, slowly because it's not as fast as I would prefer.  But our recycling efforts have grown tremendously and continue to.  We have been shopping from an environmentally responsible company for several years now, contributing to a healthier home, family and environment.

I look forward to reading what others are doing and implementing as much as possible. 

Carpe Diem!

Aggiemom08  : )

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Hello Everybody!  This is Matt from greenUPGRADER.


I love this site, it is a great concept!  I think it add a lot of value to our efforts when "Going Green" has a community like this.  We really look forward to contributing.


Oh, I almost forgot to do some shameless self promotion... so if your moved to do so, come checkout our site at where we post interesing and novel products and ideas to help you make Greener choices. 

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  I must admit that I'm in the vast majority of folks just starting to be educated "Green" thanks to the efforts of people like yourselves. While I can't do much, i can at least look closer at the options available to me when making changes/replacements in my home. I now add Green to the existing requirements of affordability, efficiency and long term dependability. Can we ask particular questions here in this site? If not, my apologies and please ignore. If so, please read on:

My home is a all electric 2 story colonial with currently 4 of us (will be only 2 or 3 of us in another year or two), I currently have an AO Smith 80 gallon water heater that is now 13 years old and appears to be working fine. I hear that when they do go, they sometimes empty their tanks which would ruin my finished basement. I would like to pre-empt that and just replace it. Given its track record, I would prefer going to AO Smith again and it must be electric but do I need an 80 gallon tank again? I'm not interested in the tankless versions at this time (& cost). AO Smith has a Conservationist Line but is that Green enough in your view? Also I have a Cullinet house unit that softens the water entering that unit. Is that a problem in any way?


Again, thanks for any information you can provide.

George Madden

Glenmoore, PA

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hello, my name is Tom and my website is -- the goal of the site is to be a relevant source for green information and products.  I feel that you hear about green every where you turn although many mainstream people can't figure out how to incorporate it into their daily life... My plan is to show easy ways to be green... ie. use reusable bags in the grocery stores- i feel that i am the only one ever in the supermarket using these bags. 

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Hi everyone, New to green home! I am from Fl., work from home with a wellness company and I am a mother of 3 girls, you should check out my profile for more info. & check out my fav. sites on other cool go green sites that can keep you green and healthy!  I would love to meet others that I can share go green tips and advice with.I hope to talk to some of you soon! 

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Hey all,


My screen name is in fact my real name. I use it because I blog, and when you blog you kinda need to appear like a real person. Pod-people don't write very well, trust me - we tried.


I'm a 24yr old from Tennessee. I travel around a lot for work or school, so odds of finding my in my home state are pretty slim. Case in point: this summer I'm going to Australia for grad school.


I'm a self-taught greenie and environmentalist. I work for the Green Options network as a staff writer, and I also have a day job as an administrative assistant. Recently I've been learning a lot about solar technologies, green roofs, wind energy, and passive solar design - all fabulously interesting. I'm not one to use "fabulous" in a sentence very often, but those topics deserve it.


I really like this site; it's got a great idea for collecting all the experience and know-how from the community so that fresh, new greenies won't feel so lost when they start shopping. And I love that some of us who have already jumped right in can get together and compare notes too. Also, it never hurts to find a good deal on an energy star appliance.


So that's me! Nice to meet everyone.

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Hello, my name is Sarah Miller and I am a green addict!  I have posted a few times on Huddler so I thought it about time to introduce myself.  I live in Winnipeg, MB Canada...definitately not the greenest city but we are small and making some progression.  I have been living a greener lifestyle for just over a year and am constantly learning.


In my pursuit for green products & services I started my own on-line company about a month ago selling ethical, green, sustainable, organic items.  I also have a private line of ethically made organic baby clothing which is increasing in variety.


I was happy to have been directed here and have had a great time going through posts and product reviews!  I think it's great that people now have a place to share their information and ideas with like-minded individuals.  I am learning how to convert others and bite my tongue more often than not, hey it's a process right!


Thank goodness for Huddler and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it!

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Coline here, Dauphin, MB . . . Hi Sarah  . . . first time posting "green." Very excited about the following :

baking soda / vinagar, etc. for cleaning




zone appropriate plants ( we are zone 2 b - brr)


reclaimed fashion & home furnishings ( shabby chic )




Shalom ,





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hi, ve from jersey. alot has changed in my life the past 6 months. becoming more aware of the enviornnment has been one of the most beautiful experiences ever. i don't know too many  ecofriendly people. i need some friends who know that one person can make a  difference.  haha. anyway. ttys =]

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Greentings all :)


My name is Marina and I live in Montreal, Canada. I really cannot show off with our level of environment awarness here because it's rising quite slowly, but at least it's rising!


I just registered on this site today and I explored it a little and it's just so interesting! There are so many different topics to be discussed and viewed and learned about...


Good job!

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Hello Everyone!!  I'm Sally and I live in rural western Oklahoma.  I'm a wife, mother to two (12&8), and a pharmacist.

I love this site!  There aren't a lot of like minded people out in my area so having some place to vent or do research is wonderful!


Please keep up the great work!

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I'm from Belgium and i have PV Panels on my roof.

The produced elecrticity i use for my home facilities, warming the house with airco-inverter, ... still have electricity left so i bought my an electric vehicle:a VECTRIX

I'm one of the first users of a vectrix in belgium so i'm very interrested in what ather people have to tell about this.

Sorry for my broken englisch because my spoken lange in duch


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Hello Kindred Spirits,

I'm Lianda, from Tucson, AZ where it's hot's as hell - but it's a dry heat!  I have a Green Business: www.SustainableBags.NET where I sell organic fairtrade cotton & hemp reusable shopping totes and bags decorated with my art: calligraphy messages about sustainability.   I also sell bioplastic products (trash & dog poop bags), and an educational toy called: The Kids Kit to Save The Planet from Plastic Bags.  I  have a blog (please come & write) where I talk about all aspects of sustainability.  I'm on a personal mission to rid ourselves of plastic bags.

Being a former behavioral counselor, I'm particularly interested in personal awareness of our non sustainable habits - and I like to bring out those behaviors, besides talking about "products".  Afterall, we are human BEINGS - who can chose to  hang out clean washed clothes instead of putting them in an energy star dryer!  

There are so many things that we do thoughtlessly - like purchasing disposable items (this is my newest focus).  Think about the pen/pencil you use - do you refill the ink, or just throw the thing "away" (where is away anyway??  What about your stapler?  Did you know that there are stapleless staplers?  If you need to make a copy, do you take the time to turn the sheet over, or use another piece of paper.  What about your razor - electric or disposable - not just the blades, but the entire thing?  And consider the same question about your toothbrush!

I see the most important of the chasing arrows as "Reduce".  In the US, we are so used to getting tired of something and replacing it - advertising encourages that, as do businesses.  I think it's time that we start taking pride in the things that we've kept, fixed, maintained...  Even our relationships seem to be disposable here - if it's broken, find another one.  (But the thing to remember is:  Wherever you go, there you are!).  


I'm so happy to be a part of this movement to work towards "greening" our world and making it a sustainable environment for all living things!  It gives me great hope when I see how many websites there are with so many like minded people each making an effort!  Together we can achieve the goal!

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Hello Great Huddlers,


My name is Leslie Gabriel - I am the WaterMan - on this site and in real life.


I came across huddle and I am impressed.


I have two kids - Kyla & Jeremiah, two cats Cinderella (aka licky cat) & Vanilla Chocolate (aka fluffy cat)


I also have one of the first radio shows on the planet dedicated to all things h2o - its called "And So It Flows"


I look to find out much more about everyone here and make lots of people happy.


And remember, there was blue before there was green.




Leslie , WaterMan, H2O Ambassador


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