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How to Care for your BG 3.0 Diapers

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This is what was e-mailed to me by after I orderd my BG 3.0 Cloth diapers.  Reading other forums (i.e. Cafe Mom) it occured to me that many Mom's are ordering these but for somereason they are not getting detailed instructions on how to best care for the diapers.  I'm also a firm believer in "when in doub't, ask the professionals".  I had many questions about CD'ing, and while it can be helpful to seek advice on a forum, it can also become very confusing when you get 20 different responses to one question...some of which could possibly steer you wrong.  So anyways, I decided to e-mail Cottonbabies directly with all of my questions.  Their responses had a very quick turnaround time and I feel more than confidant that caring for my diapers per their reccomendations will provide them with a much longer life.  I'm hoping to use them with my next baby as well.


So here is what they sent me:


General bumGenius Care Instructions

Thank you for your bumGenius purchase. We want your bumGenius diapers to be great for your family. Here are some guidelines that will help.

It is imperative to use detergents that are free of dyes, enzymes, perfumes, whiteners and brighteners, on your bumGenius diapers. Using detergents containing these ingredients will cause damage to your diapers including elastic failure and leaking. You can find some options on specific detergents by following this link:
Prewashing Instructions:

Wash products, once (any temperature water) with a tiny bit of detergent. Do not prewash micro-poly fibers with cotton or hemp products. After prewashing, the all fabrics can we washed together. Dry warm.

Basic Washing Routine:

Note:  When washing just a few diapers in your machine, you will need to lower the amount of detergent to compensate for a lower water level. We intend these instructions for a full washtub of water.

1.         Wash the entire load on the normal cycle, on cold with ¼ to ½ (¼ for high efficiency machines, ½ in regular machines) of the detergent manufacturer's recommended amount. Washing (a full wash, not a pre-wash) once on cold water is important to remove leftover "yuck" (even if it is not solid yet) from your diapers. This step also goes a long way to preventing stains.
2.         Wash the entire load again on hot (up to 120 degrees) - also with the above-mentioned detergent amount.
3.         Do a second rinse (any temperature you prefer)?
4.         You can dry everything in a warm to medium heat dryer.
5.         You may use ¼ of a cup of bleach in your hot wash routine once a month, without fear of harm to your diapers. Although some people consider chlorine bleach a harsh ingredient to use on baby?s clothing, tests show that babies are much more sensitive to unresolved bacteria in diapers than to the ingredients used in laundry products.

Using the wrong detergent or too much detergent, using diaper creams, lotions, or oils without a barrier between the baby and the diaper will cause your diapers to leak or develop an odor. Washing your diapers every other day is important because the ammonia gases that build up in the diaper pail are caustic and will prematurely wear out elastic.

If you are having a difficulty with one of these issues do not worry, these problems are fixable!


1.         Wash once in hot water with Dawn liquid dish detergent in the original blue formula (yes, it must be Dawn). Use one teaspoon for high efficiency machines or one tablespoon with a regular machine, including ½ cup of bleach in the wash cycle.
2.         Do two additional hot water washes with no detergent, just clear water.

As for rash creams, you may use the type of cream that you feel is necessary, or one that your doctor recommends. You will need to use a piece of fabric (or bumGenius Stay-Dry liner if you want to maintain the same stay-dry effect for your baby) between your baby's bottom and the diaper to prevent the cream from transferring onto the diapers. After use, wash the liners separately to avoid the oils in the creams or lotions from transferring to the diapers through the wash cycle. We have found that the bumGenius Bottom Cleaner works well for bottom cleaning during a diaper change and does not leave a residue in the diaper that will block absorbency. We do not recommend cornstarch or baby powder.


We carry a one-year warranty on the bumGenius diapers. It is the most comprehensive warranty in the cotton diapering industry, to our knowledge. The warranty covers all materials and workmanship. It does not cover leaking or smell issues, as these are not a manufacture defect, but caused by user error. We do not have a specific number of washes or a time qualification for the bumGenius lifespan. Some parents have reported to us that they have been able to see two babies through the same bumGenius diapers, while other parents say they have gotten through one year of service. Like any garment, length of wear time varies. The difference is due to a variety of specific issues. Detergent affects longevity, as does as the amount of detergent used, additives included in the wash routine, how diapers are washed, the number of diapers a family has in their diaper rotation, the local area water conditions, and the condition of the washing machine. We suggest beginning with 12-24 diapers in your rotation and adding to your diaper stash as necessary. In addition, you should launder all soiled diapers at least every other day. Following the care instructions for the diapers is also very important. Please do not hesitate to call us if we can answer any questions or concerns, or if there is anything more we can do for you. We appreciate your business.

Kindest Regards,

Cotton Babies
Customer Service

If you have any questions, please reply to this email or call us at 1-888-33-BABIES.



Hope this is helpful to all thos BG owners out there.  Serioulsy, if you have any question at all, call or e-mail them directly.  They are there to halp & answer your questions...and they have never even tried to get me to buy more things...even when I called them.

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Wow!  Thank you so much for posting that.  We have been using our BGs for over a year now and they are developing quite a 'skunky' smell that I just cannot get rid of.  I have stripped them in our front load washer with Dawn, but NEVER bleach!  I will try that now!  Today!

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No problem!!!   Glad I could help.  Let me know if t works out for you.  If not, there are some other tips I have.


One thing I learned recently....use dawn only if there is build up....otherwise just use bleach for the stripping.


Follow w/ a hot water strip after a bleach strip to ensure that ALL bleach is thoroughly rinsed from diapers.

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