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Making Your Own Wall Art - Fun & Saves Money

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My son's room is decorated with a train theme.

When we were looking at wall hangins of trains everything was SO- expensive.

So I decided to get crafty.

I bought some square frames from the dollar store and repurposed the pictures out of a thomas the train stickers/coloring/activity book and for the matting used scrap-booking paper I already had. I liked using the scapbook paper designs that were different designs, but identicle color schemes. I thought it gave them a unique look each, but still kept them conected by having the same colors present in each matting. Other then that all I used was just sissors and glue.

So basically the only immediate out of pocket expense was just the $1 a peice for the frames. So a total of $5 which was so much cheaper then buying them it isn't even funny (I am still shocked at how much they cost retail, $20+ for a tiny generic picture, not even thomas and frame!)

We have the three in gold frames each on their own wall in his room, and the two silver ones in his bathroom (his tub is done in thomas also, with a little cushy thomas train that goes over the faucet so he doesn't bump his head on the hard medal)

Here's the pics I took of them right after I did them, I don't have any of them up yet.


the krinkle/weird look in the pictures is my reflection in the glass ;-)
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oh golly, those are so adorable!! i am totally going to make something like that for my room. off to goodwill!!

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That's really, really cute!!!  I can't believe you got the frames for $1.00.  Our dollar stores don't have frames that nice.


You can use scrap booking paper for so many reasons.  Another great room decoration tip is to buy the big white letters from Michale' spell out your child's name.  And then you get decoupage glue and scrapbook paper...different patterns but same color scheme.  You trace and cut out the letters on paper and then apply the paper w/ the decoupage glue.  Add some matching ribbon to hang each one and you have yourself some awesome wall letters that would even top pottery barn kids!

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hello all,

I think that is a great idea, the pictures really work. I will remember that for my nephews room too. Thanks for the tips, sounds pretty easy and cheap to do.


I am thinking to try this vinyl wall art for my own room, you can remove it easily if you get tired of it. It is also easy care and light----no big holes in the walls!


easy wall art in many designs...vinyl wall art

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That's a great idea with the wall decals I bought them for everyone, Birthdays, Christmas and weddings. It's a present their going to have to look at for a long time so chose wisely.

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