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Would you rather drink (organic) coffee or tea?

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All around the world, people drink a lot of coffee and a lot of tea.  In fact...if you're the average American, you'll drink over 24 gallons of coffee this year.


But not everyone loves java...


So what would you rather drink?  Coffee or tea?  Or maybe hot chocolate?

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Personally I can't stand either coffee or tea.  They're like badly flavored water.


Hot chocolate is darn good though!

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I stopped drinking coffee years ago and now drink organic green tea in the morning. The right stuff does not taste like water at all! I have a great collection of teas (something my husband teases me about). I especially like herbal teas. I also like hot chocolate even though I don't have it that often.

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Why be divisive :)


I'm all about the coffee every weekday morning (weekends are for relaxing), but I love a good cup o' tea before bed.

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 Organic green tea (especially Matcha blends) taste sooo good.  Nutty, almost toasty, delicious.  Plus, green tea is supposed to be really good for you.


but, can't say I actually drink that in the morning!  I have a huge collection of "republic of tea" (fair trade certified and organic!) in my cabinet.  but more often than not, i drink that in the evenings and buy a large cup of coffee in the mornings.  it's not even really for the caffeine...i just love it in the am!

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Tea fixes everything!  My grandmother is from New Orleans, and there is nothing that a nice hot cup of tea with cream and sugar can't cure in her opinion.


I don't drink coffee, actually, I don't drink anything with caffeine in it.  Plus I just can't stand coffee, love the smell, hate the flavor!


But some good hot tea (herbal or pekoe) or some homemade hot chocolate (I keep a jar of my own mix:  nonfat dry milk, cocoa, sugar)....nothing better!

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Tough choice.


I am generally a green or herbal tea drinker.  Green tea is supposed to be super good for you, so that's how I got my start.  I don't really like plain green tea too much, but there are some nice flavors out there, like mint and mandarin orange.


I like coffee if it has flavoring- mint chocolate is my favorite.  But never plain, and not on any kind of regular basis- coffee is saved for drowsiness emergencies or special treats.


My first choice would be hot chocolate though- Silk tastes amazing after a minute or so of microwaving! :D

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I love coffee and I love tea. They both serve a purpose and, lucky for me, I love the flavor of both. With that said, I am quite picky as far as brand, flavor, and strength.


I guess I like it simple when it comes to coffee - dark roast with a *dab* of honey and a little cream. Nothing fancy.


With tea, I have a few favorites but I like to try new blends all the time. I really like the chamomile citrus (Mighty Leaf) and they also make a Lavender Earl Grey. I'm not usually an earl grey fan, but I pretty much love anything with lavender. Also, the Republic of Tea makes a delicious Blackberry Sage and Berry Green Tea. Yum. The Cranberry Blood Orange is good, too. Sometimes I like just a regular breakfast tea with some cream or this Nepali Milk Tea I got in the Himalayas.... I have a whole drawer of tea.


Who got me started, anyway?? =)

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I dont care for coffee, but I love tea. In fact, all I drink now is water and green, white, black, and red tea. Green tea with honey is the best way to wind down from the day.


I prefer just plain green tea with honey overall all the different flavors out there. Unfortunately, I have to watch my caffiene intake so its mostly decaf for me!

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I guess I should chime in since I'm the one who started this conversation.  :-)


I definitely drink both coffee and tea.  Coffee-wise, I'm not super picky about the kind...but I've been very loyal to the coffee shop across from my house for the last 10 months.  It's all sustainable goodness, so I don't stress out too much on that front (and they also compost the used coffee grounds and let folks have bags of that's cool). 


I try not to drink excessive amounts of coffee (I keep it to at maximum 16 ounces on any given day...and usually not more than 2 to 4 times a week).  I had a bad experience once with too much tea is a great way to mix it up and still enjoy a nice hot beverage.


Tea-wise, I'm a big rooibos fan.  I've also been drinking quite a bit of Traditional Medicinals sleepy time tea.  That one is quite nice too.  Oh and my mom's homemade lemon tea (which is really just fresh lemon juice, water, and honey).

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it depends on my mood mostly. I drink decaf of both usually, and it really just depends on what I am in the mood for. I think it's the smells more then the taste that I choose on. Sometimes the smell of coffee just seems to clear you mind. sometimes the smell of certain teas are so soothing.

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Tea by far! Coffee just doesn't have that smooth taste. Organic tea much better I would think.

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I've only had it once, but I bought a bag of "Wood Roasted Organic Espresso Beans" from the company I will link below..  It was good, but I haven't tried others to compare to so go figure...


All in all, it's probably better to drink Organic Coffee vs traditionally grown coffee...


oh here's that site if you want to try theirs...

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I've been buying coffee at TraderJoe's for years. There are multiple options that are all Organic and Fair Trade certified. I like some better than others but they all seem pretty tasty. And the prices are more reasonable than most of the coffee you see in a regular supermarket. Nothing in my area comes close. It looks like TJ is expanding aggressively nationwide. I highly recommend looking for a store in your area. No, I'm not affiliated with them or anything.

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I plan on drinking about 48 gallons of fair trade coffee this year. I rarely drink tea, only if I am sick.


I used to work at a coffee shop in college, some of my regular customers easily consumed 170 gallons of coffee a year in increments of 20 ounces 3 times a day (That's not including anything they made at home). I have probably cut my coffee consumption by 67%, I used to be up at 144 gallons, but that was in college with late night parties and studying while working full time. I think coffee is a FAR better alternative than energy drinks.

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I prefer coffee but the problem is that you never know whether is organic or not. I drink hot herbal tea only during the cold winter days.
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