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Happy voting!




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I'm going to have trouble getting any work done today.  Is it 7pm est yet?


By the way, I'm predicting Obama wins the popular vote by 7%, takes 364 electoral votes, Dems take 57 Senate seats (not including the 2 independents), and 258 House seats.

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I was up waiting for them to call Florida. I can't believe the RED state turned BLUE. i'm proud of my state. Yippiee for us!


I feel all of America is victorious this morning! What has amazed me the most is seeing the reactions from so many countries around the world. They are rallied behind us, crying in joy for us, cheering us on. It goes to show, we may have a chance of redemption in the World's eye. This gives me much hope for our future and our planet.

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Originally Posted by dana1981:

I'm predicting Obama wins the popular vote by 7%, takes 364 electoral votes, Dems take 57 Senate seats (not including the 2 independents), and 258 House seats.


I just have to say - damn, I'm good.


Popular vote looks closer to 6% than 7%.  It looks like I nailed the electoral vote spot-on (although to be fair, I thought Missouri would go to Obama and Indiana to McCain, but since they both have 11 electoral votes, I got the number right!).


Senate is too early to tell.  Chambliss may be facing a runoff in Georgia, which means we won't know until December 2nd the final tally.  Franken is behind by around 600 votes in Minnesota and has called for a recount.  Apparently there were some irregularities in Mineapolis where they ran out of registration forms, so it may take quite a while to decide that race too.


Looks like I was close in my House prediction as well.  Dems have 252 sewn up with 11 remaining undecided.


The most sour note of the evening is that Prop 8 (anti gay marriage) narrowly passed in California.  Similar measures passed in Florida and Arizona as well, and a bill preventing gay couples from adopting kids in Arkansas.  Really disheartening to see so much discrimination against homosexuals on a night where we elected the first black president.  Racial relations are okay, but not sexual preference relations.


I'm hoping the state courts will overturn Prop 8 like they did to the previous anti-gay marriage ballot measure.  I think you need an amendment to change the constitution, and there's nowhere near enough people supporting it for an amendment to pass (which is probably why they made it a proposition).

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I'm in missouri that hasn't been officially called yet. although i assumed it would go to mccain since we have the bible belt so heavy in the south and in general missouri is very republican oriented. I live in columbia that is considered the most liberal city in the state (life style wise) so I knew boone would go obama. but anyways.


I just think it's so odd the way the map is almost entirely red but is so close in numbers (50/49). I know it's because of populations in those counties, but it's still so odd to me. if you look at north carolina (the only other state that hasn't been officially called) it is pretty even.


I know it doesn't matter at this point or anything, I just thought it was weird.


I guess between columbia (the fourth largest city) st. louis and kansas city the pops even out. but it's just weird to look at it lol it looks like it should be a land slide in mo, not so close.

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Hah yeah it's often like that where most of the state is red because of rural areas, with a few blue pockets (cities), and the total vote is close.  Indiana was a little like that too, but more blue than Missouri.


Actually they were saying Missouri has picked the president every election since the '60s, so they may blow their streak this year!  It looks like McCain will edge out the Missouri vote.  I'm a little torn about that, because the more Obama wins by the better, but if he takes Missouri then my 364 electoral vote prediction isn't right anymore, and I like being right ;-)

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