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Needs moar Cristina

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Her youtube videos are definitely some of the most interesting stuffs I've seen around Huddler, so I think if she did like over 9000 more video reviews it would be great.

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Also, I know you nice women and men are based in California, will anyone be going to the upcoming auto show? I'm pretty sure it's in LA, right? I'd like to see some interesting stuff about the new ecofriendly cars there.


Mehbe Cristina could make some more youtube videos there!

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Hahaha...erm...well, thank you for the kind words.  As for 9,000 video reviews...that might be a tall order, but it does look like we'll be taking a Huddler field trip over to Electric Motorsport to check out their new GPR-S motorbike.


And we might actually even step up the videography and invest in something other than my little digital camera! 

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Don't get too fancy or the videos won't be janky anymore!

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