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Darn you Huddler Action Team

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I just got my Action Team package in the mail today.  Of course, I tore it open with wild excitement.  Not only was there a super cool shirt in there but some candy and a full size ECOVER Cream Scrub to try.

I say "darn you" because I couldn't wait to try the ECOVER Cream Scrub.  This in turn meant that I had to wash the dishes AND clean the bathroom. LOL!!  I did get to scrub the sink and the tub.  So far I like the product.  I'll use it a few more time before I do a full review of it.

I can't even try the candy because the kids aren't home yet.  Darn again, it means I have to share with them. :)  I hope they let me have at least a taste!

Thanks again for everything you guys do here on Huddler!  I can't wait to give it all a try and wear my shirt with green pride!

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LOL - my kids were home and were patient, but we all tried (and devoured) the candy - thanks Stins!!!  The ladies in my home will be testing out the facial scrub... 


Will review all the stuff after some use of the products  :-)



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Hahaha, well, we're glad you're enjoying the stuff!  Although we certainly didn't intend to force you into cleaning.  :-)

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Ah the benefits of not having kids - I got to eat all the candy myself.  Well, I might share one of the Annie's bunnies with my wife, I suppose.

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lol, I'm wearing the tshirt right now and we just ate the candy about half an hour ago. Even the dog got a lick of the lollipop and a bite of one fruit snack(kudos of my toddler who likes to share). Haven't tried the handwash yet, but we are almost out by the kitchen sink so will soon and I haven't ever used a face mask before, so that will be an experience. I will probably have to call in back up when I try that one ;-)


and I add my thanks for everything.

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I got mine as well today! Thanks Cristina! I haven't tried the candies yet (I have been fiddling with the camera mostly) but will be using some of the samples soon. My husband loves the T-shirt and is trying to appropriate it, so we will have to figure out some sharing schedule! I will be posting pistures soon!

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I am stoked seeing everyone so excited about being on the action team. I just joined but I was already thinking about trying to join the action team and with all this excitment I am really looking forward to the possibility.

Of course I gotta wait till I get a bit more activity rolling.

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