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Revenge of the Electric Car...

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I am sure many of you have seen "Who Killed the Electric Car."  Well here comes the Revenge!  This film is brought to us by the same director who had this to say about the new film:


"Revenge of the Electric Car” tells the story of the EV renaissance, circa 2008–2010. From new cars to conversions to plug-in hybrids, we’ll follow the many strands of what is — literally — an electrifying story.

Can EVs finally challenge the 100-year rule of gasoline engines, petrodollars and entrenched interests? Plug-in vehicles still face huge obstacles: there are technical hurdles, public nervousness, industry fears. But this time around the world is clamoring for a revolutionary new age in transportation. Will the EV win? That’s what we’re going to find out…


  All the information you need can be found on  This site not only gives information about the upcoming film, but also has many helpful links and news clips about the EV world.

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Yeah, recently they said the movie wouldn't come out until 2010 I think it was, because that's when a bunch of EVs are set to go into production and it didn't make sense to complete the film before then.  Definitely looking forward to it though.

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Venkat Srinivasan and his blog

Other thing you learn when you are around Berkeley a lot is that nearly everyone has seen the documentary “Who killed the electric car?” and believes that Detroit can easily make cheap PHEVs, but they don’t want to because of [insert favorite conspiracy here].

He goes on to point out that the batteries have been the holdup. 

He has a great blog on batteries in general - at least İ have bookmarked it and will follow to see what İ can learn.

The blog is about batteries in general - all types and all uses.

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