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Electric Vehicle Insurance

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I have been driving my R Martin Limited EVD everywhere since I bought it.  I have finally decided to get some insurance to give myself a little bit of protection on the dangerous roads that are so often flooded with "zombie" drivers.


Background:  I am running into the same issue that I did when inquiring about insuring a Zapcar with my agent a few months ago, I am under 25 so rates on motorcycles and motor-driven cycles are higher than a normal car for me.  So I have been repeatedly told that short of getting married, or having a child, I will simply have to wait until I am 25 in order to lower my rates.  Clearly, aside from my concern for my environmental impact, I am also trying to protect my pocket and in a time when "tightening the budget" is becoming a daily topic in my house, waiting doesn't seem practical.


So here is my question for all of you:

If you drive an electric scooter (or car for that matter), do you have it insured?  If so, what company do you use?  Are the rates lower compared to typical cars in your area?  Is there anything special you had to do in order to get a lower rate?  ((For instance, I told them it is 0cc, 4 hp, and not legal on the interstate in hopes of getting a small break))


I realize that rates depend on location, but I am hoping that the same rules of relativity will apply.  I am at least hoping for a good reference when discussing insurance with any future customers.  Thus far, our customers have found that State Farm and Farmers Insurance are the most open to insuring Electric Vehicles.  I want to make sure that any other companies who are making an effort to insure EVs get proper recognition in our dealership. 

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Hey sjr.  I've actually got an EVD too.  I got moped insurance with Progressive, which is much cheaper than motorcycle insurance.  Though technically it's probably correct to have motorcycle insurance.


But anyway, Progressive's moped insurance costs like $140 per year.  For an electric vehicle, they tell you to input '0' in the engine CCs box, but when I do that, it doesn't work and I have to put in a random number.  But at least they try to consider the possibility that it's electric.


So that's one affordable option.  But I suppose there's the risk that if you have a problem they might say 'hey wait a minute, that's not a moped!'.  But it's got a moped body, so I'm not worried about it.

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 What did I have to do to insure my EV?  Get old ;-) .  In CA. State Farm insured my City-EL with no problem at all - MUCH lower than my gas car I have insured by them.  Just plain old motorcycle insurance, they sent me a card to show police if necessary too; as if they insure these every day!

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I wanted to give a quick update on EV Insurance.  I picked up a brochure at an Earth Day event from a Farmers Insurance booth.


It says this:

If you drive a hybrid, electric, natural gas or other qualified vehicle, you can save money on fuel and also do your part to help the environment.


Farmers is proud to offer you another way to save when you drive one of these cars - a 10 percent discount on your Auto insurance.  This discount applies to all major coverages...


I do not have any personal experience with them, but I thought I would at least pass this info on.  I hope that other companies follow this example and give incentives and not higher rates to people trying to make a difference.

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