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Know your clothes are "green!"

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I was in Austin, TX at this great boutique over the weekend.  Found this tag (other side pasted below) on a number of pieces of clothing.  Turns out that Made-By is a Netherlands-based non-profit that is “an independent, umbrella label used by fashion brands and retailers to show consumers that their clothes are okay, i.e. that they are produced in a sustainable manner. The brands affiliated with MADE-BY use organic cotton and work with sewing factories that have a social code of conduct. MADE-BY is the first fashion initiative

to focus on environmental and working conditions throughout the entire production chain. The MADE-BY brands can be identified by means of a blue button. If you see one, you will know that brand produces its collection in a people- and environment-friendly manner.”


Cool, right?  They are trying to accomplish this both by helping fashion brands clean up their production process and by developing socially responsible production chains worldwide.


Check out more at their website.  Lots of in-depth information about clothing production, including some cool videos about organic cotton production.



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That's very cool!  It sounds like a great way to get some third-party verification for sustainability practices (maybe a little akin to Green-E for carbon offsets and RECs).

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Hemp, the “standing silent nation” as the Lakotas call it, has tens of thousands of uses, from superior textiles and cosmetics to biodegradable plastics. It is environmentally friendly, requiring no pesticides, little water and fertilizer and no herbicides. It controls erosion, produces huge amounts of biomass and oxygen,and replaces trees in making not just paper products, but building materials.The day will come very soon when hemp will become as common as other natural resources.  We who understand this and try our best by becoming activist and writing our political leaders.  By demanding action to right this wrong we are not only helping humanity we are helping ourselves. Hemp  makes common sense but  for

economic reasons too and environmental reasons HEMP IS GOOD FOR US AND OUR COUNTRY. Check out Organic and Hemp clothing at  GO HEMP GO!

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Hi Perry - promoting yourself a bit? Might say so up front. 

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Cool .these tags can serve a lot to be green.

Nice idea 

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Nice idea for promoting this.

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