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Infant Formula Recipes

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Here are some recipes if you can't or have decided not to breatfeed, but aren't so hot on the idea of conventional retail formulas.


Please do your own research and talk to a care provider before using these recipes, there are here as a favor, they do not take the place of good research to make sure you are meeting your baby's nutritions needs

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 Before you go on "standard formula's", (which are full of genetically modified materials and may even contain aluminum salts), ask your pediatrician or holistic healthcare provider about a more holistic and nutritive option--Goat Milk.

Here is a recipe for a natural formula. In this recipe, you can use goat milk, or canned PET milk.--(Don't forget to get that medical opinion!)

Goat's milk, fed to babies, is not new concept---family doctors used to recommend it to non-nursing mothers when doctors still used to make house calls! Milk from goats is closest to human mothers' milk and it is easier to digest than cow's milk.


Goat Milk Formula

Take 13 ounces of liquid goat milk.
Mix with 19 ounces of mountain spring water.
Add 2 tablespoons of sugar.
Mix vigorously.
Warm with hot water from the tap, or place glass bottle with goat milk in a pan full of water and gently heat. Test on inside of your arm before feeding to baby. Milk should be warm, not hot.
Give baby only enough that they will drink and refrigerate, or freeze the rest. Do not reuse any milk left over from baby bottle after baby has finished drinking.
Unused milk will stay fresh for 3-5 days in refrigerator.

To freeze, separate unused goat milk into equal parts and store individually in freezer. Frozen breastmilk or goat milk stays fresh between 3 to 6 months in freezer.

If you use the goat milk formula as a

supplement to breastmilk, you need add nothing further to your baby's liquid diet. If you use goat milk as the primary source of nourishment, you must add liquid infant vitamins, such as PolyVisol with Iron, to your baby's liquid intake (at separate time from bottle-feeding). Follow the manufacturer's instructions for dosage. Make sure you are under a pediatrician's supervision to monitor and counsel you on your baby's health and diet.

In case you feel creative, here are more options for recipes on homemade infant formula. Check with your pediatrician or holistic health practitioner!

MYO Baby Formula and Infant Formula Fortification Protocol by Joseph Mercola
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Recipe from a mom at cafemom


  * 2 Cups - Goats Milk
    * 2 Cups - Enriched Vanilla Rice Dream
    * 1 T. - Black Strap Molasses
    * 1 T. - Liquid Acidophilus
    * 1 T. - Flax Seed Oil
    * 1 t. - Liquid Vitamin C
    * 1 t. - Liquid CalMag (calcium & magnesium)
    * 1/8 t. - Wheat Germ (powdered **)
    * 16 drops - Trace Minerals (concentrated)
    * 1 t. - Infant Vitamins (optional)

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Be sure to use the Flax seed oil in the recipe.  Goats milk is low on certain B vitamins and the Flax seed oil helps as a mild laxative effect, keeping a baby from getting constipated.  for well rounded nutrition, the vitamin drops are a must as well.  The recipe with the flax seed oil is the same as the one given to my friend by her Naturopath, who really studied which recipe was more nutritionally complete.The naturopath said the Flax seed oil is a must and is better than using the fish or other oil recommended in other recipes as it is less likely to be an allergen

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Originally Posted by tabbykat:

Be sure to use the Flax seed oil in the recipe. 


Good to know, tabbykat!  I knew flax seed oil was recommended for adults for joints and (I think) cholesterol.  But very cool that it's so good for babies too.

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Hopefully nursing will work out w/ my next baby.  But, if not, this is great information that I can refer back to.  Thank you!

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Is this type safe and been used in infants of around 4 months? my baby is 4.5 months old now and absolutely vetoed the homemade goats milk formula last night. she spat, blew raspberries, fake gagged, pushed it away, etc for about 15 minutes to illustrate exactly what she thought of that bottle. ive had her on variations of it for the past few days. the ones that include oils aggravate her reflux really bad. ive tried the dr sears version which she stomached better but still refused. plus i was worried about her nutrition as it only consists of goats milk, water, sugar, and multivitamins.  to top it off she was really constipated with goats milk even after adding blackstrap molasses and probiotics :( id try a cows milk variation but im worried shes slightly sensitive to cows milk and id still have the issue with the oils.

shes a bit underweight, refusing bottles, has bad reflux, mild excema, chronic cough, sneezing and congestion, and a perpetual diaper rash. shes a very picky eater and has a sensitive stomach. 
shes tried ALL the formulas here in the usa including nutramigen, alimentum, elecare, and neocate. she failed them miserably and actually does better with normal milk based formulas. im currently special ordering an organic formula from england that she takes better, but all the above symptoms are back. Do you think the oil free recipes are enough? I add poly vi sol and probiotics to my recipe. Also, I use meyenberg brand as I do not have access to fresh raw milk. I think it's supposed to be fortified with ample amounts of folic acid and vitamin d if I'm not mistaken?
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