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Came across this article on Cleantechnica today.


With my complete lack of faith in the US federal government, it warms my heart aplenty to see so much initiative by local governments and businesses in going green. On Friday of last week, the 19th, two announcements were made that saw plans revealed for two new renewable energy sources.


The first announcement saw Oglethorpe Power Corporation (OPC) announce plans to buld as many as three 100-megawatt biomass electric generating facilities in the state of Georgia. The second, was an announcement by SBD International promising the future construction of a small solar farm in Florida, capable of generating up to 20 megawatts.

And these sorts of announcements come across our desks almost every day. But there are only so many articles we can write that would be as long as this introduction.


OPC is, according to its website, “is the nation’s largest power supply cooperative with approximately $5 billion in assets serving 38 Electric Membership Corporations which, collectively, provide electricity to 4.1 million Georgia citizens.”


The rest of the article has details about these two initiatives.


Any one live in a state doing anything similar?