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Crazy Tesla burnout

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Over the weekend, I headed over to the local Silicon Valley Tesla showroom to check out the beautiful electric machines with a friend. Lucky for us, they were having a slow Saturday (not a lot of millionaires window shopping, I guess) so we got go for rides with the charming sales guy (or officially the client advisor) and took some very cool videos.


In one particular show of the Roadster's incredible power, he turns it 270 degrees and burns some serious rubber (yes, I know I look absurd in my ridiculous intro):



Of course it would be old hat to see a Porsche or Viper do this, but I've never seen an EV with that much gusto. The ride itself was really quite smooth, despite the whole speed-up-brake-hard-rinse-and-repeat in the parking lot behind the showroom.  And it sure does have some good acceleration power.  But I think the two most striking things are: a) it's a beautiful, fast, fun electric vehicle (those words haven't always gone together when it comes to EVs) and b) it is so quiet.  While some folks miss the engine roar, I personally thought it was awesome.


We also got detailed guided tours of the interior and on-board computer, and other aspects of the car including the sweet, sweet acceleration. In any case, it made for a great day. Hope you like the vids:





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Oh man too awesome.  I'm super jealous.

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nice videos! looks like your friend had a great time.

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Oh and by the way, the Tesla Roadster powertrain was just improved.  Now it gets 10% more range (244 miles per charge EPA estimated) and 30% better torque.  And they're upgrading the powertrains in the already delivered Roadsters for free.

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