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Question Thread for Diane Hatz, Founder of Sustainable Table  

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So after a bit of a break from kick off the new school year, we've got Diane Hatz, the founder and director of Sustainable Table, as well as the executive producer of the Meatrix.


A bit about



Sustainable Table celebrates local sustainable food, educates consumers on food-related issues and works to build community through food.

The program is home to the Eat Well Guide, an online directory of sustainable products in the U.S. and Canada, and the critically-acclaimed, award-winning Meatrix movies - The Meatrix, The Meatrix II: Revolting and The Meatrix II½.

Sustainable Table was created in 2003 by the nonprofit organization GRACE to help consumers understand the problems with our food supply and offer viable solutions and alternatives. Rather than be overwhelmed by the problems created by our industrial agricultural system, Sustainable Table celebrates the joy of food and eating.


So what questions do you have for this sustainable food expert?


Things to remember:

  • Make sure to write only 1 question per post (but feel free to ask as many questions as you like)
  • Check back to vote on the questions you'd most like to have answered by Diane (use the "Rate Post" thumb up to vote)


On Friday, we'll send the best 10 over to Diane and post her answers ASAP. Then, you'll have the chance to talk with her in the forums with follow-ups.


Check out the Interview Guidelines for a bit more help if you need it. Good luck - may the best questions win!

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Very cool website.  How do you get all that information for your sustainable food database?

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Are there more restauranteurs joining the local/sustainable food movement?

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How is the best way to participate in the movement?  Joining a CSA?   Shopping at farmers' markets?

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A while back, Wired ran an article that talked about how organics are not the answer.  How do you think organic food plays into the sustainable food movement?

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I'd like to hear your thoughts on sustainable foods for people that live in areas with extreme climates.


For example, even though it's particularly extreme, places like Barrow, Alaska.  Their average temperature never gets above 40 degrees Fahrenheit and they only average 109 days above freezing per year.  They also experience 65 days per year without a single sunrise, but still have thousands of residents.  Do they have any sustainable options?

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What do you think is the biggest challenge for causing more mainstream adoption of sustainable food supply solutions?  Is it a cultural issue?  Purely monetary?  Something else?

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My gut says that from a food perspective, you can't get more sustainable than buying what you need locally and cooking at home, but are there ways that restaurants (that are really on top of their game) can actually be better than each of us fending for ourselves?

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Do you think that  the recent Slow Food Nation further polarized the sustainable food discussion - by being in SF, with Alice Waters and other members of the community who both love the process and taste, of sustainable food, and by many of the more "interesting" events being not free to the public - or did a sufficient job of steering the movement away from the criticisms of elite that surround it?

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There is a burgeoning "youth" push for sustinable, good, and fair food - especially in colleges and universities. What would you suggest (barring WWOOFing and volunteering at a local NGO) as the best way for those recent graduates to remain involved, especially given the fact that local NGOs and policy groups are often so small?

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What exactly does Sustainable Table do?  How does your organization fit into the whole slow food movement?

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Thanks for all your great questions.  This thread is now closed.  Head over here to read all of Diane Hatz's answers.

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