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This comes from seems a little odd at first pass but they're actually pretty fun looking.  Plus it's a great way to recycle something that otherwise might get landfilled.



These kitchy-catchy hanging lamps below are constructed from old school Tupperware containers. You got your Jello mold, colander, and of course the brutally orange mixing bowl to choose from. You can buy them from Oak Boston, but this would also make an easy DIY project for anyone with hand-me-down kitchenware lying around. In fact, you can use any number of odd items lying around your home. I found two items (an old hub cap left by a previous tenant in my basement, and a broken paper umbrella from Chinatown) and fitted them as shades over ceiling light fixtures in my apartment.


It's definitely worth checking out the full postDoug has some pretty sweet photos of his homemade lamp shades.