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Tesla saloon?

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Oh those crazy europeans...I was just reading an article about Tesla's intentions to release various other models in the coming years, but the first words on the page that caught my eye was "Tesla Saloon." I thought it was some sort of crazy marketing idea for the european market until I remembered that they call Sedans, Saloons there, haha.


I'm still pumped about the Sedan, but I'll hold a little hope out for a Tesla Saloon in San Francisco sometime as well....

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Haha yeah the guys at the EVcast had similar confusion.  "This article says the Tesla Model S is going to be saloon stye...what the hell is that?"  Then they did some research and similarly found that saloon is British-speak for sedan.


They should totally open up the Tesla Saloon though, with swinging saloon-style doors.  And you have to dress up like a cowboy to get in.

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Haha...oh man.  I was really hoping for a saloon.  When I went by the showroom in Menlo Park before it officially opened, their party looked pretty darn swanky.  Not quite a saloon though.

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I wonder if the saloon / sedan wording had anything to do with Tesla naming it the Model S rather than simply the Tesla Sedan.

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