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I've had my Rinnai 2532 for almost 3 years now, love it. The temp has always been set to 108 degrees since the builder installed it. I've just let it be even though its a little low since we have small kids and don't want anyone to get scolded.


Well, 3 years have gone by and I want to crank that baby up to at least 120 if not 125. Problem is, everytime I change the temp setting, it reverts back to 108 after a few hours with no interaction from me. I know there is a safety feature to prevent you from raising the temp while its in use to more than one bump (so you can't steam your spouse while their in the shower), so I assure you that is not an issue. Also, I know that 108 is the default setting when the unit loses power and comes back online. In terms of power being supplied to the unit, it has been uniterupted (can't speak for what's going on inside the unit).


In case these units can come with different controls, I have a very basic looking control (no model number on the control). It just has a LED display, up/down temp button, priority button (its lit) and an on/off btn.


Control issuse? Furnace issue? User error?


Any advice is much appreciated.