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We've hinted recently about an upcoming taxonomy blowout and it's in process. We're expanding to include clothes, food, green resources (books/DVDs), more baby products, and more to come.


While we still thinking about splitting this Huddle into several Huddles down the road, in the meantime "GreenHome" isn't exactly an all-encompassing term.


What would you all think about us changing to ""? It would be a huge engineering effort (we'd have to redirect every page, our search would suffer for a bit, etc.) but it might be better in the long term.  Any thoughts?

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I wouldn't mind it, but wow that seems like it would be an absolute ton of work for you guys.


'Greenhome' doesn't necessarily have to mean grean household products.  It could mean like 'green homepage' or 'the home of green stuffs' or something like that.

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