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Triac tryouts to begin this October, deliveries in November

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A little while back we told you about a $20,000 highway-speed electric car promised for the American market by Green Vehicles called the Triac. It seems, as with every other electric car program (except, so far, Aptera), that the launch has been delayed and now a new estimated delivery schedule has been posted on their website. While the company informs us that test drives from the San Jose showroom can be scheduled as of August 15th, the actual driving won't occur until after October 15th. According to the update the first deliveries to customers already in their queue will begin in October as well. The company hopes to produce at least 50 vehicles a month to start and raise their output to between 100 to 200 in the second quarter of 2009.


[Read the rest at AutoBlogGreen]

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Ah that's too bad.  That pushes them about 3 months behind schedule, and right in line with Aptera.  I was wondering about that, since they were supposed to already have begun delivering Triacs.  Oh well, 3 months isn't the end of the world.

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Yeah, let's just hope it doesn't get pushed back more....

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The EVCast did an interview with Green Vehicles' Youssef yesterday, who said they're on track to deliver the first production round of Triacs and Mooses (an NEV van almost identical to the ZAP van) in late March.  Their Buckshot (a half-ton payload capacity electric truck) is looking like delivery will begin sometime in June.

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I am number 12 on the waiting list and I have been told my Triac will arrive in late April, or early May. This is the first production run, and will also have the dealer Triac's in it as well. I am really hoping this is a true statement this time. We all know how they have been pushing out the release date. But having them call me in person, and get the options I want leads me to believe they are very close to getting hear.


I will put in a comment after I get mine, and have some data to post. my rule of thumb with EV's is to take the range they quote, and cut it in half. I have never heard of one actually getting the range quoted, unless they were going a ridiculously slow speed.

I was told by the manufacturer that the 100 mile range was at 45 MPH. I am sure the range would be significantly less at 80 MPH. I will not be going that fast anyway.

Being honest about that gives me a good feeling that they are an honest company.

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That's awesome Boppster, definitely keep us posted on that.  I've seen specs on the Triac that it goes 60-100 miles per charge.  I like that they give a range, so that they don't just say '100 miles per charge' and you're left wondering how slow you have to go to make it 100 miles.

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I am very interested to hear from actual owner of a new EV.


Catalog data are most cases a bit unrealistic, as most of manufacturers do not (or, sometimes cannot) disclose all conditions. Of course there are set conditions like 10 mode, 15 mode for diesel, but still hard to accomplish figures for actual daily use.  60-100 miles range is of course when it is new, after 200 times charging would be quite different. 100 miles @ 45 miles is probably under perfectly flat road and no head wind, etc.


Those who decide to be first owners are very brave, because they are going to be a guinea pig. Manufacturers inprove products based on feed back from results, so the second generation will be a bit better ...


I wish Boppster lots of luck, and not much disappointments.

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Hi i'm number 27 on the waiting list.  I talked at length with the manufacturer who assured me that the estimate for range was conservative and that I would easily make my round trip commute of 66 miles with the Triac at highway speeds--so, I'm hoping most of the posts regarding "half range" are incorrect or I will have wasted my money.  I'm incredibly excited about commuting with this--I thinks its a cool looking car, and any day I can tell the Oil companies to go away is a great day.  I also will post a comment when i get it.

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Any News?  did you get your Triac?

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There hasn't been too much lately about the Triac in the news or blogosphere as far as I can tell.  Green Vehicles doesn't have many updates themselves.  Under their "Schedule" tab this is all it says:


text from website regarding Triac delivery schedule

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I did get an update on my Triac a couple of weeks ago. I was told that they were hopping to get them shipped out of China the last week of May. If they were not ready the next available ship time would be the second week of June.

I am assuming since I did not hear from them they did not ship. I sent an e-mail asking for an update this morning, but have not heard back yet.

I was told that when shipped it would take about 12- 15 days to get hear. After arriving all of the electrical drive system will need to be installed (motor, batteries, bms, and controller, etc). This will take about two weeks to complete.

Based on this, and the assumption that they did not ship yet I will probably not see my Triac until July.

I would rather have it be done correct, and late than rushed. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

When I hear back I will post the update.


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Well I just heard from Green Vehicles, and yes the delivery is pushed out again. I am not sure why. Below is the e-mail I got from them. I am only hopping that I get it before the summer is over.


"Hi Randy,
We received a shipment of the Moose vans (20 units).  These vehicles came off the assembly line first.
The 1st shipments of Triacs (including your unit) is expected to ship the final week of June.  It would be 18 days on the water and a few weeks in our SJ facilty to incorporate the lithium batteries, advanced propulsion system, etc.  This puts it at the final week in July.  I am sorry for this delay Randy, but I can promise you that the time will benefit the end result."

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Boy that's a bummer.  In the long run, a few weeks longer isn't a big deal.  But still, it's been over a year since Green Vehicles released that little vehicle of the Triac which ended reading "now available".  That kind of crap is why a lot of people are down on EVs.  Be conservative with your promises, EV startups!

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Well I just got off the phone with Mr. Youssef at Green Vehicles. The first shipment of Triac's is being loaded into containers, and will be on the water by the end of the week. It will be 18 days on the water, two weeks getting the electronics installed at Green Vehicles, and 1-2 weeks getting it shipped to me :)
That puts it around the end of August. It has been a long wait (13 months since reserving) but I am confident it will be worth the wait.
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Heh almost another month and a half delay since his last contact.  Good thing you seem to be a patient person, Boppster!
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Well with new technology you do need to be patient. If you rush new technology to much, many problems show up.
I know that they have been realy going thru the prototype looking for wear and fatigued parts, and making design changes. The most recent I am aware of is a bearing in the mating of the motor and transmision. The bearing side wall started to fail so they have changed them out with a much stronger and more reliable bearing. I am happy it was caught before I got mine. It does not mean that something else might not fail, but it shows that they are working hard to put out a good product.
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 Similar pushback happens quite a bit.  Someday we might all look back and say "Phew! What an adVenture!!" We only have Zenn surviving here.
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Well I just received an E-mail from Mr. Youssef stating that they are on the water.
Based on the time frame for shipping, and finishing the build in California I could see mine by the end of August. YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have started a blog to document my experience with this vehicle. All are welcome to follow it.

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I just got off the phone with GreenVehicles. The Triac's arrived last Friday, and they are in the process of installing the electronics. This should take up to two weeks to complete.
The dream is getting closer.
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 Thanks for the link Boppster.  I sure admire your patience!  I saw a Triac only on a trailer last year, and almost bought a Zenn at that time, but bought the used City-el instead; since it was *here and now- drive it away*..  Getting a newer 3-wheeler is difficult with delays which would have sent me "right up the wall".  Getting info about your Triac 'trials and tribulations' are a great help for me.
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Chris, I am glad you did not get a ZENN. I own one and they have many problems. I have just under 10,000 miles on mine and it has gone through about $8,000 in parts.
I love the City-el. I have never seen one in person, but have seen many videos on the net.
I expect the Triac will have its share of problems. Hopefully not to many. I am getting the extended warranty because of my problems with the ZENN.
The support was so poor with the ZENN it would on average take about 4 to 6 weeks to get it fixed when something went wrong. one time it was down for 2 1/2 months. It felt like it was only running about 50% of the time. I'm sorry, enough ZENN bashing.

One thing is for sure. Electric vehicles are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 The City-el is riddled with computer problems (power supplies rather than "stock"), but nothing major  yet!  I have never been stranded.  It certainly does not act like a normal EV.  Fix 1 thing and 5 others go wrong.  The motor gets very hot now since it was not built to accelerate so fast; but I love that *shreeEEk* and how it keeps up with traffic!

The torque and speed cut down distance so the Zenn or Triac probably would go farther. But taking the convertible top off sure make any problems disappear on shorter "fun runs"!
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WOW Chris a convertible top would be awesome. well maybe awesome for about two months out of the year in washington state.

Well I just got an update, and it seems the two weeks to finish the assembly of the Triac in California is going to turn into around 4 weeks.

The installation of the electronics, battery box & batteries along with connections is taking longer than expected. The real hold up is the custom transmission/motor hub. I think it was about two months ago I learned of a bearing sidewall failure in the mating of the motor and transmission. I believe this is why they are waiting on the new custom hub. Mr. Youssef will give me a better update by next week.

I just pray that I will get it by the time the rains start up. As anyone who has lived in western Washington knows, it can get quite wet. And when it starts, well lets just say gurgle gurgle gurgle blub blub blub.
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Well I just got off the phone with Ehab at Green Vehicles. The hub will be in early next week, and he is confident that by Oct 2nd he will have my Triac finished.


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 I was awaiting a 3-wheel car (which is also a convertible) but one delay after another.  Someday if someone says something is here right *now* you might have to survive me from fainting!  
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Originally Posted by Chris Jordan View Post

 Another 3-wheel EV from Oregon!


Hmm looks okay.  50 mile range and 55 mph top speed with lead acid batteries for "under $20k".  It really is kind of like a covered motorcycle.  The Vectrix goes faster for half the price - or at least it did until the company went under.

It's a cool looking vehicle for sure, but I'm less than thrilled with the specs.  If it at least went 65 mph then you could take it on the freeway.
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I agree with Dana - the specs leave much to be desired. To many of the new small vehicles are in the advanced golf cart category. Not to mention, overpriced for what you get!

It just does not seem to be a sustainable business platform. They are neat and there are consumers but not enough to create an ongoing business. 

1. Meet all relevant safety standards
2. Be street and freeway capable
3. Have an attractive price point where the consumer can participate in fuel economy savings
4. Have an adequate service program - a new product will not be perfect out of the starting blocks.
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  Interesting thought about top speed.  Triac advertises 80 mph right away, but the EMC3 Commuter does not mention top speed in specifications on their web page.  Instead discusses power steering/brakes/locks, 5 speed with overdrive, tuned exhaust, AC, etc.

My 3-wheeler is great in town, but the company said do not go over 35 mph in the owners manual (extra battery- mine was upgraded- goes 50 mph).  Still too slow for the freeway.  Not exactly safe either over 30 mph in my opinion.

Don't go over 100 mph; I don't want it.....        
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I think it is a very nice looking three wheeler but too narrow. it looks like the front wheels could have been farther apart for more stability, without affecting the looks much.
The specs leave little to desire. With lead acid batteries the range will be very poor, and affected severely by temperature without battery warmers.

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