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'Renewable Energy? 'That's John McCain'

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 Gotta love McCain's new greenwashing ad:



In part, he says "Renewable energy to transform our economy, create jobs and energy independence, that's John McCain"


Fortunately, Newsweek didn't let him get too far

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It's too bad they can't do away with all campaign commercials, increase the number of debates between candidates, then feature "ads" with the two candidates discussing their side of one topic- so when watching a tv show, first there might be a "commercial" of McCain's energy policy, then later on, a "commercial" of Obama's energy policy.

I hate the lies they get away with in these ads!!  I am glad Newsweek called him out, but what about the tv watchers who don't read Newsweek?  :(

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Yeah, what a bunch of garbage.  I guess McCain doesn't know that offshore drilling doesn't count as renewable energy.

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Man I'm so freaking sick of McCain's BS.  Whatever happened to the 'straight talk express'?  It must be in the shop this year.


I like how after the 'higher taxes' lie, the ad throws in the 'fewer jobs' whopper.  Fewer jobs?  Based on what?  Give me a break.


Renewable energy my a**.  One of the two candidates has endorsed the Gang of 10 compromise which allows some increased offshore drilling and also renewable energy funding.  Guess which one?  Hint - it's not friggin' McCain!

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I think this is a better commerical for McCain aka son of cain!


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We need to pursue both more oil for the short term and alternative energy and transportation for the long term.

Our entire economy is built on transportation. Look at any object on your desk right now. If you have it, there's a 99.99% chance it was on a truck at one point. Trucks run on oil; sad but true. If the price of oil keeps going up, then the price of everything that comes on a truck will also go up. If we refuse to do anything to lower the price of oil (or at least keep it from rising further) in the short term we'll just destroy our economy and that'll pretty much no leave money to spend on perfecting alternative energy technologies.


That's how I see it anyway.

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The problem with that is that we have very little control over the price of gas.  Increasing offshore drilling is a drop in the worldwide oil production bucket.


However, as long as it produces funding for renewable energy and alternative fuels, I'm okay with a compromise allowing some increased offshore drilling.  For the most part, the Gang of 10 compromise looks pretty good.


McCain's "drill here, drill now" rhetoric is just empty talk aimed at getting more votes.  Which is why he opposed increased drilling just a few months ago.  And his support for renewable energy has been essentially nonexistent.  Basically he's an oil and nuclear guy.

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The sad thing about McCain its been documented and reported that he is computer illiterate, how he even be considered to be the leader for such a great nation if he can't even use a computer? He can't do any research to make effective decisions, cant harness the power of the internet! what a presidental canidate......

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