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What's the best Olympic sport?

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Yeah, so this one has nothing whatsoever to do with green...but I figured it was high time we had an "anything but green" debate (since we haven't had one since debate numero 6).



So what do you think?  What's the best Olympic sport? 


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I really like to watch relays, whether they be swimming or running.  It's exciting because with individual races, there's always the chance for a comeback, but more often the person who gets out to a lead wins the race.  With a relay when you've got 4 different people jumping in, there's always a chance for lead changes and sudden exciting changes like that.  Plus it involves teamwork, which I like.


Also good is gymnastics, of course :-)

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I'm with Dana on the entire racing thing.  Anytime it's a team or individual trying to get from A to B faster than someone else, I really enjoy it.  Track is awesome, the swimming is exciting and I also really enjoy the rowing (I'm biased because I rowed all through high school).  I really enjoy the Water Polo too.  I get tired just watching it.  And of course, gymnastics does rule.

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I think I prefer longer events like the road cycling because the lead can change so much. That said, I do enjoy the swimming and rowing. I also secretly love the final rounds of the weight lifting.


I was telling nitedreamer that it's very different to watch the Olympics here. New Zealand only wins a handful of medals, so every time someone is in a final the entire country comes to a halt. Although I will admit to being pretty pumped to see the Mens 4*100m relay the other night. :)

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I appreciate the willingness to give gymnastics a nod. I'm INCREDIBLY biased, but I have to go with gymnastics as well. I just got back from Beijing and while I was there I went to men's gymnastics (3 sessions), Men's Volleyball, Women's Beach Volleyball, Men's Water Polo, and Track and Field.


I had an amazing time at the track events - just like Dana said, all the events are incredibly exciting. I couldn't care any less about the Women's Heptathalon generally, but you wouldn't have known it by how I was yelling at the event. Also, the bird's nest stadium is the most beautiful stadium I've ever been in.


On the other hand, I couldn't help but to be struck by the narrow nature of some of the track sports. For example, I religiously watch the 100m sprint races and respect them as athletes, but there's just not that much to it. For those people, it's a full time job...9.69 seconds. The analogy I drew was that it would be like gymnastics being turned into an iron cross contest. Instead, there are 6 distinct events (for men, 4 for women) that all require a relatively discrete set of skills.


Anyway, that's all for now...I'd love counter arguments

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That's a good point about the diversity in some sports (i.e. gymnastics, or some of those swimmers who do a bunch of different strokes) vs. the narrow focus of others (i.e. running in a straight line as fast as you can for 10 seconds).


Did you have an opinion about the gymnastics judging, Deej?  For example, last night I watched some of the women's individual event competitions, and one of the Chinese gymnasts landed on her knees on her second vault, yet still got the bronze over a bunch of gymnasts with pretty good landings.  I thought that was kind of ridiculous.

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