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Is your countertop radioactive?

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Granite Countertops


I read this interesting article in the NY Times explaining that some granite emits potentially dangerous levels of radiation.  It's rare but it's happening more and more as demand for the material rises and suppliers source it from all over the world.  They led off with the experience of a woman in NY who hired a Radon Detection expert...


“He went from room to room,” said Dr. Sugarman, a pediatrician. But he stopped in his tracks in the kitchen, which had richly grained cream, brown and burgundy granite countertops. His Geiger counter indicated that the granite was emitting radiation at levels 10 times higher than those he had measured elsewhere in the house.


Radon, a radioactive gas, is a known cause of lung cancer.  I don't think everyone should be afraid of thier granite countertops but the article is worth a read, and if you are considering buying one you may want to do a little more research into the source before you drop a few thousand bucks.


The NY Times Article: What's Lurking in Your Countertop

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Wow...I'm glad I don't have a granite countertop or I'd be getting it tested ASAP, scary stuff.


Here's a link to the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, for people interested in arranging for having their home tested.  The NY Times article suggests that testing should cost between $100-300.

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I read a similar article recently- you would think that if companies are aware that this is a problem, they would test their granite...hopefully some government regulation will come out soon.

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I am a marble&granite supplier.


Honestly,there is radiation in the granite.the problem is how much it contains.

some granites,such as red granite,have more radiation than other color granite.

and it's dangerous to our health.but some of the granite,their radiation is acceptable.

So,please don't be afraid to buy the granite countertop !

You can choose the color,and avoid too much radiation!


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Do you have any resources that show the spectrum of colors with the amount of radiation they have? Let us know and thanks for your professional opinion!

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I have to think that the vast majority of countertops are safe. Granite counter top companies would be getting sued left and right if they weren't. That fact alone means that 99% of suppliers are going to be testing their granite before they sell it.


I think this is just media fearmongering.

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