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From the LA Times today...great news, especially for a country that has such an uphill battle against air pollution...



As prices rise, Chinese drivers ease up on the gas


High (or at least higher) gasoline prices appear to be downshifting China's love affair with the automobile, according to a recent survey by market researcher J.D. Power Asia Pacific.


Almost 80% of respondents said they were driving less since the Chinese government in June decreed an 18% rise in gasoline prices, and 26% said they planned to put off buying a new car.


This could be bad news for U.S. automakers like General Motors, for which China has been a rare growth market lately.


Still, gas is cheaper in the Middle Kingdom — where a gallon costs the U.S. equivalent of $3.36 — than it is in California, where the going rate for a gallon of regular is $4.20.