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Fiji greenwash

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I try not to be too harsh on companies that are making a concerted effort to provide sustainable options or reduce their environmental impacts, but I get a kick out of Fiji Water's massive marketing campaign attempting to paint them green.


Investing in carbon offsets is a great thing, but not packaging water in individual plastic bottles and shipping them to the other side of the planet is better:



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And really, if people feel the need to import their water from across the globe, it's time to get involved in local water quality preservation efforts!

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I agree - this is the most rediculous marketing... I completely agree with Deej - why not just not ship the dang bottles of water all over the planet!!!  Fiji Water has really found no way to defend what they do, so they state that they are "trying" to be more green and responsible and researching their carbon footprint, so they must be the water to buy.  I guess we are supposed to overlook that we should be avoiding any type of bottled water anyway!


Then there is my sister-in-law:  "But their bottles are so pretty!"  ...omg.

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I wonder how many people think that it is bottled in the US?

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Originally Posted by kiwi:

I wonder how many people think that it is bottled in the US?


Hopefully not very many, considering that Fiji's big thing is the purity blah blah blah of the water coming from far away Fiji rainforest aquifers.  On their website they say,


"Far from pollution. Far from acid rain. Far from industrial waste. There's no question about it: Fiji is far away. But when it comes to drinking water, "remote" happens to be very, very good. Look at it this way. FIJI Water is drawn from an artesian aquifer, located at the very edge of a primitive rainforest, hundreds of miles away from the nearest continent. That very distance is part of what makes us so much more pure and so much healthier than other bottled waters."


So...hopefully it starts registering with folks that those bottles of water have to travel all the way from that "far away" place.

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"So much healthier"?!?!


Really?! Are we really supposed to believe that the gov't is pushing non-potable H2O? Or that you can't get rid of the impurities you need to with a typical filter? Really?

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