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"Could Photosynthesis Be Our Best Defense Against Climate Change?

Some scientists think that biochar is the key to extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere."


This is in the news. Any discussion on this?

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It all seems very plausable and from a scientific point of view makes for a very good argument.  I would however argue that the cost implications would be pretty difficult to justify to many countries.  Unlike the US, EU, Canada, Australia etc, many countries rely on their land as a major source of income and converting any land to the growth, storage and management of biochar would be difficult to justify.  All this on top of the need to decide the best plants to grow in each country.


However, on the flip side, it could be used in conjunction with growning crops in that the waste by-products are used to form biochar.  However, that in itself will not necessarily work in the EU, where AD, RDF & fuel from farm wastes is used to generate electricity through burning.

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