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Tesla Crash...ugh

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Oh how it hurts me to hear about this, but the 6th delivered Tesla was involved in an accident in San Francisco. The drivers are blaming the accident in part on the fact that the car is so silent is undetectable...craziness. A little more information and pics at the Wired Blog.


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Yeah I heard an interview with Volkov on the EVcast on my way to work today.  Damn shame.  When you buy a $100,000 EV, be careful with it!

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 crazy!!!  that is unbelievable.  but honestly -- how "unnoticable" can it be?  it may be silent and low-riding, but that doesn't mean you can't see it!  i wonder how much of a problem this will actually be....or if it's just a fluke crash.

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i'm sure it's a normal crash, people will grasp at anything anymore to try and get off on blame. that sucks though.

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Seriously...what a waste.  It breaks my heart!  I guess maybe they'll be asking for fake noise now....or maybe just better drivers.

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I didn't know the Tesla was so little...


Will they demand fake noise, or maybe neon paint?!  Maybe the color of the yellow vests favored by construction workers.


Seriously though- the noise part really isn't a factor when it comes to people inside other vehicles- when you have your radio on (and who doesn't?), you don't typically hear other cars...


And it's small, but it's hardly invisible.  Drivers need to be watching for all kinds of things on the road (we actually ran over a 12 foot ladder on the freeway recently- nothing we could do about it at the time), not just things that are at least five feet high, despite the (still to high but hopefully not for much longer, YAY expensive gas!) number of SUVs/pickups on the road.

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Ouch!  Such a beatiful car... I doubt it's totaled, but likely a VERY expensive fix.  Being it is so fast - could be a simple rear-ender.  Anyway - hope they fix it and move on  :-)



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