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Is there a flag as spam button that I may be missing? I understand with people recommending products and all this is a tough call, but the stuff like "I just installed my new shower head WOW! is it saving me water and money! Visit this site to buy yours today!" is just devaluing this site in my mind. I have read a lot of things here already and appreciate the honest opinions from consumers, and spammers will beat out the real posts rapidly in sheer volume.


That same post is on dozens of other blogs and forums, for example. It's automated. I am sorry to even adress this as I do know how difficult of an issue it is for admins.

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Thanks for this suggestion - we've talked for a while about having a "report to admin" function and we actually have the functionality built in the background, but not being displayed.


One thing that would be tremendously helpful if you could would be to post a few URLs here that are egregious and I'll go through and delete them.


It's very important to us. Thanks so much Layla!

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