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Vinegar has been used for years for cleaning, You can even use it in a carpet machine for cleaning your carpet, Thanks for reply

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Sometimes water is simply my favorite =)  I develop rashes when exposed to harsh chemicals.  Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar ... never bother me! 



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Tea tree oil is really worth it's money because you only have to use such a little bit at a time smile.gif

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If all the "bad" cleaning chemicals go down the drain, where do they end up.   I assume they go to a treatment plant, but how does the plant get these chemicals out without returning them to us in our water supply.

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I would like to know if I can use a green powdered laundry detergent in my front loader high efficiency machine.  I am worried about ruining the machine by switching to the green DIY detergent recipe.  I currently use a green liquid variety but it is so expensive and I want to make my own.  Any thought?

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Funny enough going green with cleaning products is actually one of the cheapest ways you can go. Just plain old vinegar can clean so many things in the house. Guaranteed if you have a surface that needs cleaning just google "vinegar" and the surface and I bet there is an article describing how it can be cleaned. An easy cheap general surface house cleaning solution is to mix orange peels with white vinegar and you get a scented green cleaner that cleans very effectively.

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Another product people left out was the age-old SALT.  NaCl can be dissolved in many substances like water or alcohol and used to clean a variety of surfaces and items, or you can crush it and use it directly on rougher surfaces like concrete and stone (outdoor areas).


For our eco-friendly green cleaning company we never use any harsh chemicals or anything like Bleach or Ammonia.  Sometimes clients ask us to use bleach to clean a frequently used restroom and we always suggest our favorite alternative - Hydrogen Peroxide, which you can read more by clicking on the link.  We generally mix it with Lemon Juice to give it a bit more cleaning power and a scent, but you can mix it with any type of essential oil and it would do the same.  Lemon Juice might be a bit cheaper tho.


Hope these tips are useful.

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I use Melaleuca products. They have zero harsh chemicals in them. Their prices and quality tops anything I've ever used. If you want more information I'd be happy to share with you.
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Good for you for only using green products. Individual responsibility is exactly what it will take to create a sustainable future. 

You can find some great affordable green products at . You will find everything you need for to go green, get off the grid as well as products and information on spiritual, mental and physical health. There is also a section on creating wealth so you can afford to purchase whatever you need. 

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Although these are all nice ideas/products not a single one of them put money in your pocket like the Hand Held Bidet Sprayer does. Hand Held Bidets cost little to buy and you can install them yourself but once installed you will save money everyday forever on toilet paper. With a Hand Bidet you hardly need toilet paper just a small towel to dry off and you will be Cleaner, Greener, and saving Green Backs for the rest of your lives! See


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WOW awesome tips thanks

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I have been using this green household product called Sol-u-Mel and it is fantastic! it is based off a special kind of Teatree oil mixed with other natural herbs and ingredient. The thing that really amazed me about it though is that it was really tough! It removes stains out of carpet can be used as an every day household cleaner and pretty much used for every kind of cleaning problem
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