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There is a case study here:  For some institutions, the maintenance costs are going to be significantly less, just because of the greater longevity of the LED tubes.

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Good case study. It looks like a win all around for LEDs:

- less cost (especially with rising electricity prices)

- better light quality

- less maintenance

- less heat output

- easier disposal with less pollution

Sounds good to me.

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Yes its very hard to find green lights :(

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SO, Here is an example from our site (not spamming, just wanted to share the calculation)


If a landscaper installs (10) 80w outdoor LED flood lights to replace a 300 watt HPS or Metal Halide. He uses them 12 hours a day, 365 days a year at $0.206 per KWH (Here in Los Angeles, California).


At the end of the year, he would save:

  • $1,985.02 in electricity (Spend $721.82 with LED and $2,706.84 with HPS/ Metal Halide)
  • 5203.44 KG of Co2 (Carbon)
  • The replacement costs of failed HPS/ Metal Halide lights
  • Maintenance costs of replacement (and the headache)
  • Over the life of the LEDs he will save AT LEAST $21,835.22.


Is it the initial cost that drives people off? Why aren't people buying more of these? It seems simple to me. O well.

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great post. i love it. LED Lamps have more features than CFLs such as its long life span, and it doesn't contain mercury. LED Module light is also a featured led product. 

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I think the decision is already clear when you take the lifetime costs of running an LED into account versus CFL and Incandescent. Take a look at this article for a good comparison. The main question left still is whether you are a long term or short term thinker!

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The cost of the light bulb is only one factor in the total cost of light. The other factors are the number of bulbs you need over a given time period (repurchases) and the cost of electricity to produce the light from the bulb. When you take both of these into account the choice between LED and CFL or Incandescent is fairly clear. Depending on whether or not you are a long or short term thinker! There is a good article at Live Green or you can go directly to the article Is An LED Light Bulb Worth The Upfront Cost?

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Thanks for posting this Bobkart! The advantages of LEDs over CFLs really are endless, from both an economic and environmental perspective!

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I always thought that LED's (A) weren't very bright & (B) were really expensive.


I've recently found that neither of these are true anymore - I have just replaced most of my kitchen & living room spots with Surface Mounted LED's which are great and purchased cheaply (i.e. £2 per unit approx) on eBay (I think they are made and sold by Chinese companies).


They'll easily pay for themselves within a year with our exorbitant UK electricity prices!

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A great summary. LED is the ultimate choice, however it takes much effort to cut down the cost. CFL bulbs are still a more affordable solution in even the developed countries.


Here's another article on this

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