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Question Thread for Brent Schulkin, founder of Carrotmob  

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For our fourth interview, we've got Brent Schulkin, the mastermind behind Carrotmob.


If you've been around Huddler, you may remember the discussion about Carrotmob's first event and ensuing video.  But in a nutshell, Carrotmob is an organization designed to improve the world by helping companies make socially and environmentally responsible choices.  Check out the video.  It's absolutely worth it.



So we've got Brent.  You've got questions.  Do you want to know the future of Carrotmob?  The genius behind its inception?  Or perhaps where he got that amazing powder blue suit?  Let the questions begin!


Things to remember:

  • Make sure to write only 1 question per post (but feel free to ask as many questions as you like)
  • Check back to vote on the questions you'd most like to have answered by Mike (use the "Rate Post" thumb up to vote)


On Friday of this week, we'll send the best 10 over to Brent and post his answers ASAP. Then, you'll have the chance to talk with him in the forums with follow-ups.


Check out the Interview Guidelines for a bit more help if you need it. Good luck - may the best questions win!

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I see you're co-founding a for-profit company called Virgance.  What sort of projects to you plan for Virgance to oversee besides Carrotmob?

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What new Carrotmob events are in the works?

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I live in a VERY rural area.  Is Carrotmob planning anything that people like myself could be involved in?

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I loved the video.  How scalable do you think your carrotmob model to be?

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How do you see the distinction between for-profit and non-profit organizations coming into play with Carrotmob and Vigrance?

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i heard some news about carrotmob expanding, what's the deal?  can we expect more events in the near future in the bay area? 

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What was your biggest challenge in organizing your first event?

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What is the best way we can spread the idea of Carrotmob campaigns to other friends, family, strangers with great ideas?  And will you also outline the steps one will take (using the tools provided by Carrotmob) to successfully start and manage their own campaigns?

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Brent - how can only one man (you) be so awesome? Seriously, what do you see as the most important, relatively low barrier of entry changes that businesses can make using money garnered through a Carrotmob spending spree?

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If you don't have access to a energy auditor or equivalent person, how do you make sure the company you are "mobbing" holds up their end of the bargain?

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Thanks for all your great questions.  This thread is now closed.  Head over here to read all of Brent Schulkin's answers.

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