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Originally Posted by LEDison View Post

Our CE stand for "Conformité Européenne" and is an official certification (


Our products are: CE n° BT0806162008


Excuse me but "" is nothing: the code thet give is nothing

It sounds like you are saying that your CE number will not work at that website.  Is there any website where your CE number can be confirmed?

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if you read what means CE, you understand that thera are controls and its not a joke.

We must have CE certification, we must pay RAEE tax, we must produce according to the ISO rules.

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Is an Led flashlight really more efficient than a traditional flashlight?  If so, by how much.  Can anyone give me specs?
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LED flashlights are considerably more efficient than traditional flashlights (if by 'traditional' you mean one that uses an incandescent bulb).

For one thing, incandescent lamps are more efficient at higher wattages:

By the chart on that page, a 5-watt incandescent bulb will generate 5 lumens per watt, compared to a 300-watt bulb that will generate over 20 lumens per watt.

Now contrast that with an LED emitter that may approach "efficacies" (luminous efficiencies) of 100 lumens per watt. A typical ratio between LEDs and incandescent is 10X. This can result in longer runtimes and/or more light output for the same amount of batteries that power the flashlights being compared.

I have numerous LED flashlights, the best I have found are made by Fenix. They make some that fit in the palm of your hand, run on a single AA battery, and are too bright to look directly into.

Regarding specs, here is one of the Fenix LED flashlights I'm talking about:
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Hi Greengiant123,

No specs but I have a Stanley that allows use of either 1, 3 or 6 LED's for varying degrees of brightness.

I use it often and have changed the batteries (9 each AAA size) once in two years and it is working fine today - used it yesterday. 

I love the thing - decent light but certainly not excessive.
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In my opinion, Armytek flashlights are excellent! I own some of them and very happysmile.gif Most of all like Predator. Beam distance is 400 meters. Very bright. The difference from many other flashlights is a boby cover. It is matte.  

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