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Dr Bronners Sal Suds in stores?

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Does anyone know of a store that retails Sal Suds? Not an online store. I know Target and Kroger carry a few Dr Bronners but I would like to try some other items, particularly the Sal Suds. I'll order online if I have to but some of the stuff I'd like to smell first as the scents are pretty darn strong. Also, having UPS make a special trip to my house seems counter productive when I might be at a shop and pick it up. Thanks in advance!

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I'm not sure if they have Sal Suds or not but Walgreens has started stocking several "organic" products, Dr. Bronners included.

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Yeah, the only listings I'm getting back for Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds on our site are online-only retailers...I checked on Dr. Bronner's site and couldn't find anything either.


My first guess would be to try Whole Foods...we have one near the office so I'll take a look next time I'm in there. Let me know if you find them.

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I did actually see Sal Suds in Whole Foods the other day.  They've got the normal castille soap, Sal Suds, and the bar soaps.  I'm pretty sure they have the lotion too but I don't think Whole Foods carries the new Dr. Bronner's hand soap, lip balm, or hair products.  Whole Foods has a handy little store finder on their website.  Hope that helps! 

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Thanks for the replies and the Whole Foods store finder. Apparently there is a Whole Foods about 30 miles away and I didn't even realize that it was owned by them. I do like the Bronners liquid soap and would love to find a good all purpose cleaner.

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I just came across Sal Suds for the first time yesterday at Whole Foods.  We own a cloth diaper service and lately have been having a difficult time getting a handful of the toddler diapers clean.  Each week a few stained diapers were placed in a pile but the pile is growing.  I did a soak on them using Sal Suds and they all came clean.  I am in love.

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