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Fruit Storage

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Since this is the anything but green section-


How do you store fresh fruit that you've cut into?  I'm talking big stuff, like half a watermelon or cantelope.  We've been covering it with plastic wrap, but I know that's not a very green thing to do.  I worry that if I just face it cut side down on a plate, that it will go funny.  I suppose that part could just be cut/scrapped off, but I was wondering if anyone had a brilliant solution?

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I don't think I'd store half a watermelon face down, wouldn't all the water leak out? We use tin foil over the top of ours, I'm not sure if that's any greener than plastic wrap or not.


I suppose you could try putting a plate upside down on top of the watermelon.

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My mom has actually always just turned watermelons/cantelope/honeydew upside down on plates.  And I can't remember once having something go bad!  But we never really let it sit for very long of course - usually we'd cut into something, stick the other half upside down in the refrigerator, and eat the rest the next day. could always cut the fruit off the rind and then store it in Pyrex containers.  It takes a bit of the joy/sloppiness out of eating melon...and it takes a little more work right off the bat. But that way, you're storing less mass in the fridge, not using plastic, and still maximizing your fruit eating.

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we do the same thing with mellons in turning them upside down, it's always worked for us, you just keep the plate on it when you turn it back rightside up ;-)

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At home, we have also been using plastic wraps because we think that is the best fruit storage method yet. We do not think if it was indeed environmentally-friendly or not as we often just think of the best way to prevent the fruit from becoming soft and watery. I think if you do not find it to be green, then perhaps you could cut the bigger portion into smaller sizes then storing them in a tub or container before storing them back inside.

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