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Energy efficient roofing options

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Roofing materials and the quality of how well insulated it keeps one's home is an important stride towards maintaining the home's energy efficiency standards.  Even with most homes using common asphalt shingles along their roof, a lot of what ensures the energy efficiency of the the home is how durable the roofing materials are.  


While a new roof is going to be more energy efficient right off the bat versus an older, draftier one that's been on the home for many years, dissecting the lifespan of the different types of roofing becomes the next step.


  • Asphalt Types - Nearly 75% of U.S. households use this type because of the low installation costs and of the others on this list, it's seen as the least viable green option.  It's lifespan is around 15 to 30 years.
  • Wood Types - Many homes built with wooden shingles have a better aesthetic appeal and is an eco-friendly alternative simply because it's constructed from a more natural source, and can even be built with recycled synthetic wood shingles.  The lifespan of a typical wooden shingled home is around 30 to 50 years.
  • Metal Types - This is one of the most eco-friendly of the lot simply because there are a variety of ways to repurpose metal sheets, be it copper roofs like these, aluminum, stainless steel and other forms.  The durability is at least 50 years.  
  • Clay Tiles - Another stylish option that is also extremely eco-friendly, especially if you can find companies that repurpose clay materials into shingle types. 


There are many other types out there that that in one way or another offer a greener initiative towards home improvements.  But more than not, these four above are the most popular methods outside of those homes that can't structurally support a complete solar panel formation.


Patriot Metal Works is a Midwestern, family-owned standing seam roofing contractor that's worked with Kansas City residential and commercial buildings.  Click here for some of their more recent projects.

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Some good info there, thanks a lot! I've been considering going green. I've recently become a home owner and I've made a list of ways I can be more green. In addition to (attempting) to grow my own fruit, vegetables and herbs, making my own chutney and pastes for curry etc, the big one I'm going to give a go is solar panelling! As this is my first house, I imagine I'll stay here about 10 years (obviously dependent upon my life situation), is it worth me getting solar panels? I've been checking this place out that does commercial solar panels (as well as domestic) and it seems legit. Can anyone recommend me any others? 

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You're not going to get any appreciable energy savings but using one roofing over another. Get what you think is the most attractive that is within your budget. Insulate the between the rafters below the roof and you'll be all set.

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Thanks. I didn't know that. I do Self Sustainable Living so it's nice to learn new information.

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