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     It isn’t easy…it’s getting harder for big institutions to keep up in funding the essential projects we’ve all gotten used to. The workdogs, who have put nose to pencil writing to sustain non-profits, social change, and data projects benefitting government agencies, can find support and relief by crowdsourcing and crowdfunding entities. Indeed, I believe this trend is needed for freeing the economic clot we’re in. I am so hungry for more intelligence, more awareness, more choice, and less rhetorical arguing. I am thrilled when people of curiosity approach me with their ideas yearning for opportunity to explore creative sustainable more humane methods for living and thriving. …So there’s this new website for researchers to gain timely and manageable funds…and I’m Totally inspired knowing I can offer my individualistic wisdom to a wholistic system in a – democratic- voice –oriented process, - my vote matters, my ten dollars matter too. Our wisdom, funding and influencing the direction for medical and scientific research, makes so much more sense to me than relying on some remote, detached entity of dollars to guide us where we want.

      Please, take ownership of our future unfolding. Review and Recommend; Visit and share; and just in general- pass it on, Please…

Jennifer Leonard


Biologist, parent, mediator

PS. Currently there is a Diamondback terrapin project worth viewing for your own personal interest; And a marine project looking to replace antifouling paints with geotextiles;