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e+Green provides consumers and business a unique PC Power Management technology that automatically manages your PC Power usage and will even automatically power off your PC when you forget.  We also provide your favorite charity a ongoing annual donation funding up to 50%.   


This is a cool new way for you  to reduce carbon emissions, save you energy costs, and most important help you support your favorite  charity organization. On average ePlusGreen will reduce your PC's power usage by 30%! 


Now you have the opportunity via this technology to directly contribute to the green environmental cause and at the same time be supporting a charity.


For more info to obtain this technology component go to and click on tab Act Now and fill out form to download free software. Select a Charity from drop down selection of your choice which we will donate up to 50% funding to this Charity as a result of you downloading and using this cool green software.


Keep in mind, there are no contracts, no minimum commitments and you can uninstall the technology at anytime.  So, please at minimum try it and begin contributing to reduce our carbon emissions.    


We would welcome any comments (positive or negative) regarding this technology offer.


Thank you !