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For the sake of children not born and for those who will go through it in 35 years if it isn't stopped;

we need a moratorium on having kids for 25 years to prevent the horrors of the crash.

The Earth just will not be able to produce or distribute the food and water for more than 3 billion by then, from depletion of resources and pollution with its effects.

We can help by reducing emissions 90% within this decade, or the result will be, eventually, a thermal maximum that results in our extinction and the extinction of 90% of other species, too. 

Go solar (or other non-emissions energy), compost extensively, and grow your own food, buy local, minimize travel, have no children and enforce it on others for 25 years.

Good luck, eh?  Looks like the crash will first be economic collapse, then eco-collapses, then mass die offs spreading in a cascade.  Insufficient emissions reductions until then, so AGW will progress to CAGW to destroy crops, then methane self release to thermal maximum in around a thousand years with the ELE.  Followed by a 200K year bottleneck (with no ice ages), and several million years to reach high diversity again.  No humans.

Thanks to the over-breeding, polluting, selfish people who could not think ahead or even imagine sustainability, for the past 100 years since we reached it, then went into gross overshoot..