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Sugar is Addictive

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Hello All,


Let's face the music people, sugar is addictive. It powers us through the day when we dump it into our coffee, it makes up all of our energy drinks, it coats our cereal, it makes us fat, and actually will kill our metabolism. Sugar is addictive!


I was, and still cope with its evil charms. Whether its sugar or corn syrup it controlled me. I had gone whole days in college having not drunk anything but soft drinks. I loved sweets and sweet foods... constantly... Luckily for me however, I am still young and have made a radical choice to stop letting sugar control me and dictate my health throughout my life. Studies today are linking sugar to diabetes development and other diseases that we consider to be devastating. But we continue to consume it because we are addicted!


Did you know there are other flavors in the world besides sweet?


There is a great diversity of foods that deliver all kinds of taste and nutrition without the stimulas of sugar! Why not try some of them? It won't be easy of course! It takes a radical change, a movement, and commitment, but after about a month, you will probably not even like the taste of it anymore! Drink water, unsweetened iced teas (it is so good after you drink it more often), use natural sweeters like agave or organic honey, and if you must, try using sugar in the raw or unrefined instead of the white processed sugars.


Write your comments below of how you are or are recovering from the addictive nature of sugar!

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I know I am very sensitive to sugar and definitely addicted to it. It's a daily battle for me and probably will be for the rest of my life.

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Originally Posted by peterliang View Post

I know I am very sensitive to sugar and definitely addicted to it. It's a daily battle for me and probably will be for the rest of my life.
Hi, people are changing. I was a big fan of sugar and now I can't eat it. Sugar makes me sick.
Sometimes when you crave sugar means that your body needs energy expenditure which is related to the increase secretion of dopamine hormone when you eat sugary foods. I think is typical for younger people to crave more sugar. They are more physically active and need fast energy resources.
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I also think sugar is addictive for me. I used to take 15 cup of tea per day with 1 and half spoon of sugar.

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Great post, I agree that sugar is definitely very addictive. I remember there was a time in my life where I used to consume high amounts of sugar on a daily basis. I have become more health conscious now and avoid sugar at every chance that I get. 

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Sugar is definately addictive as is fat and everything is loaded with it. The FDA needs to be more transparent with labeling. I think half the people out there have absolutely no idea what they are eating and how bad it is for them. Union of Concerned Scientists has a petition going around asking people to support more labeling and warnings about over consumption of sugar. Sorry can't post any links yet...newbie

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