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Commercial LED lighting

LED lighting tips and advise:

Choosing the right LED lighting company can often seem like a daunting task! While it is true that this process can appear overwhelming, there are several key factors that can be addressed to assist you in making the correct choice.

Choosing the correct LED lamp:

Due to the directional nature of LED lighting and the variety of Kelvin color temperatures available selecting the correct bulb, lamp or tube is very important. New advancements in LED  technology from leading manufacturers have presented us with an incredible selection of lights designed for specific applications.

Various voltages, OPT sensors and transformers are just some of the additional variables that will need to be addressed. The correct selection is key to maximizing your commercial businesses light output and achieving the desired result.

Warranty and price also are important factors in the selection of LED lighting. One should carefully examine the warranty information for all the products proposed. A warranty should last past your ROI so that your business can achieve additional savings well after the bulb has paid for itself through energy savings.

NOTE: Many of the large home improvement stores require the original  packaging and receipt in order for them to honor their warranty. Although this is not a big problem for a homeowner with a dozen bulbs, it would certainly require extra effort for a large company replacing hundreds or thousands of bulbs or tubes.

Price is important however, it should not be the determining factor when selecting the correct lighting solution. You must compare all relevant information against the price to determine which bulb will provide the desired result and energy reduction. In most cases a lesser quality LED lamp at a lower price point will not be the best value.

Additionally, early failure or inability to receive a replacement in a timely manner can have a derogatory effect on your business operation as well as a financial effect in you can not receive a product replacement. Purchasing your new LED lighting from a local reputable company can significantly reduce this risk and is well worth looking into the companies references before entering into any final agreement.

Selecting a professional LED lighting company:

A professional LED lighting company should perform a free comprehensive lighting audit and analysis of your commercial facility to properly ascertain  the requirements and desired result of each individual area. It is this additional process that will allow you to maximize the light output and efficiency of your lighting project so you can receive the greatest return on investment (ROI) possible.

Due to the complexity of most commercial facilities, simply choosing replacement light bulbs from a catalog without a professional auditor or analyst will more than likely not result in maximum efficiency or the desired end result for your company.

LED lighting projects completed:

Before entering into any final agreement it is a very reasonable request to ask for references from existing clients that have already had experiences with their company. A lack of or refusal to provide this information should be taken under advisement and in most instances will probably not be a good sign of their ability to provide the level of professionalism your company deserves.