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Petroleum derivatives? Fungicides? Bactericides? Unfortunately, just because a label is labeled nontoxic doesn’t mean it’s earth friendly or human friendly. When I was looking for toddler art supplies for my son, I wanted only the purest, most natural paints to touch his skin. At two years old it was sometimes hard to prevent him from sticking the paint end of a brush directly in his mouth. This inspired me to create (or really re-introduce) completely natural and toxin free paint, similar to what our ancestors have used to paint their bodies and create works of art for over 100,000 years. Naturally colored clay – pure and simple. And what could be more natural than the earth itself?


After doing research, I was shocked to find that many commercial artist paints contain biocides which include formaldehyde and are used to extend the paints’ shelf life and preserve the ingredients. I also learned that conventional paints may contain hundreds of different chemicals, many of which contain carcinogens or neurotoxins. Even “Low VOC” or “nontoxic” paint may contain fungicides and bactericides that not only cause headaches and dizziness when inhaled but can contribute (little by little) to greenhouse gases.


We are proud that Earth Paints LLC offers one of the safest paint products on the market. They are safe for you, your child, and the planet. They are handcrafted, and even though they are children’s paints, they are very archival and high quality. Consider how long the cave paintings have lasted.


Our natural earth paints are not made from petro-chemicals, they contain no toxins, and they do not off-gas as they dry. The six colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and brown) are vibrant yet earthy and have the creamy consistency of tempera paint. If you’d like a watercolor effect you can simply add more water. We also sell an Eco Oil Paint Kit for teens and adults that requires absolutely no toxins in the process (no turpentine or heavy metal pigments required). I’m learning that most high schools don’t allow oil painting in their art classes because of the toxins that are usually involved. Our Eco Oil Paint Kit solves that problem and provides radiant, high quality oil paint that is completely safe and provides an opportunity to teach students about the ancient history of earth painting from prehistoric peoples to modern day.