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We're a relatively new company looking for feedback on our website: and products. 



Mosaic wood tiles are made from real wood, reclaimed from Vietnamese fishing boats. By partnering with a small furniture company, we work together to reclaim this old ship wood, using the pieces of too small to be used in fine furniture making. Easy to install and extremely durable, our tiles are perfect for both new home construction and remodeling projects - as well as other commercial or institutional applications. Using Reclaimed wood has become a more and more desirable choice amongst builders, homeowners, and business owners as it is a socially responsible green building material and can help earn points towards LEED certification.


What we want to know is what other info you want (or need!) to feel confident this is sustainable product. More info on the production process? Reviews? Ratings? 


We're open to suggestions and look forward to hearing from you! 

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