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What? No mention of Rossi's Energy Catalyzer here?

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I'm sure many will say it's too good to be true.  I myself am not 100% convinced that it's real.  But it is looking more and more like it might be.


Google 'rossi ecat' if you don't know what I'm talking about.


Here's the Wiki page for it:


Basically he claims to have made cold fusion practical.  It's being called Low Energy Nuclear Reaction now.


A couple of months ago the first LENR power plant was (allegedly) installed, in Greece, producing 1MW.  At this point he has more orders than he can fill for more such power plants (again allegedly).  He has patent protection but only in Italy (his home country), the international patent process is taking a lot of time, but once complete he says he'll reveal the secret catalyst that enables the reaction to occur.


Naturally there are many nay-sayers.  And I can't be sure that claims of paying customers are for real.  Time will tell, but he is definitely moving toward being able to sell home-sized units quickly:


I could go on but there's no shortage of talk about this apparent breakthrough online.  Just thought I'd start a thread here since I couldn't find an existing one.

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If you need more evidence than the below (which ought to be more than enough to convince a reasonable open-minded person), feel free to contact me, I have much more evidence.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW DRAMATICALLY THIS CHANGES OUR WORLD?


There is a new clean energy technology that is 1/10th the cost of coal. Don’t believe me? Watch this video by a Nobel prize winner in physics:

Still don’t believe me? It convinced the Swedish Skeptics Society:

LENR using nickel. Incredibly: Ni+H(heated under pressure)=Cu+lots of heat. This phenomenon (LENR) has been confirmed in hundreds of published scientific papers:

According to Forbes, electricity will be "too cheap to meter" if Rossi's Oct 28 demonstration succeeds:

Here's the latest, according to MSNBC it passed the test:

By the way, here is a current survey of all the companies that are bringing LENR to commercialization:

Brad Arnold
3033 Monterey Av
St Louis Park, MN   55416

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It has not been mentioned here for the apparent reason - if it is for real, all up-to-date "green-tech" is out of business. People have invested a substantial portion of their life and now it becomes a waste just because some freaky looking dude claims so. Rossi has provided  plenty reasons to ignore it by some who is motivated to ignore it. The same is applied for "cold fusion"/LENR in general, academia has debunked it ~20 years ago and  there are plenty involved people there to be very interested for LENR to be a joke. Mass-media would be in the position to look foolish supporting it as well as denying such grate breakthrough they may look bad in the future if it is true so, they wait. Oil/Gas investments are not happy about this invention so, they may try to interfere, frankly the Pandora box can not be closed once it has been opened, too many small nations are interested besides, LENR tech is not too complex to deploy.


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