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Here at Huddler, we believe in getting your opinions about stuff.  But sometimes it's nice to hear from (and ask questions of) manufacturers and other industry leaders.  They tend to know a good amount of stuff too.  ;-)


Starting with the week of 6/16/08, every two weeks or so we will collect questions from YOU for a lucky guest to answer.  So Monday through Friday, post your questions, read other Huddlers' questions, and THUMB UP the ones you really want to have asked.


We'll then forward the best 10 to the interviewee and post their responses on Huddler (with credit given to the Huddlers who wrote the questions, of course).


You can ask any range of questions (although of course we know you'll keep it professional and always go by the Community Guidelines). A few other guidelines and suggestions are posted in the Huddler Interview Guidelines wiki.


Check back every two weeks to find out who will be featured.


And of course if you have any suggestions for interviewees, or want to be one yourself, feel free to post in this thread or send me a PM!

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