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Sports brands Adidas, Nike, Puma getting greener

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Pressure from Greenpeace seems to be working - three of the leading sports brands - Nike, Puma and Adidas - have committed to having zero discharge of hazardous chemicals throughout their supply chains by 2020.


"Throughout the supply chain" means that every single supplier these companies deal with will have to clean up their act as well. 


Greenpeace’s Dirty Laundry campaign named and shamed a number of clothing brands that were associated with toxic pollutiongreenpeace_detox_stripoff.jpg in China's Yangtze river.. The result: the companies are cleaning up their act across the board. They used some innovative methods of getting the word out... including "strip-offs" in major cities in which model-look activists danced and removed items of offending clothing.


As reported in The Environmental Leader, Greenpeace found nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) in clothing from 14 brands: Abercombie & Fitch, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Converse, G-Star RAW, H&M, Kappa, Lacoste, Li Ning, Nike, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Uniqlo and Youngor. These chemicals break down to form nonylphenol, which has "toxic, persistent and hormone-disrupting properties"


It would be nice if they could do it quicker than by 2020, of course... but this is a good start. And Adidas says they are working to put together an industry-wide coalition. “We believe there needs to be an industry-wide approach and that’s why we’re trying to get together as a group,” an Adidias spokeswoman told BusinessGreen. “We’ve already had first discussions with other brands and we’ve been in constant dialogue in the last couple of weeks.”


greenpeace_detox_tagging_small.jpgLearn more about Greenpeace's Detox Campaign.


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It is really a great thing to declare from these three gigantic and leading sport brands. Zero discharge of dangerous chemicals within the year 2020 are now very much being promoted by many famous brands. An industry wide coalition would further lessen this time gap from what I can see.

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This is what I want to see.We have to protect the environment and prevent the earth,caus it is our home!Everyone should do something to protect the environment.

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Great to hear that these retail juggernauts are using their popularity and profits to enhance the awareness of our environmental footprint.  It seems that nowadays a lot of companies, government agencies and individuals with power are generating awareness for certain causes.  In NYC we had the ban of sugary drinks over 16 ounces, then Disney put an end to advertising with bad food companies - and now this, people in the retail business taking a stand for our environment.  Great to see all this happening!

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I pray their next step is eliminating child labor...

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now I hope the eliminate child labor by 2013

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This is great news. Now that these high profile companies are complying with zero discharges of harmful chemicals their policies need to be reported within the main stream media so that other companies will be inspired to do the same.

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everyone should go in their steps!!

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I'm sorry to burst this bubble, but does anyone in this Forum actually believe the textile industry supply chain will be free from toxins in the near future, if ever?  Their policies may well claim to be 'complying with zero discharges of harmful chemicals', but their practise suggests a very different story.  I'm not dismissing the efforts of Greenpeace, but I do question their grasp on commercial reality and timescale.  Unless we return to our naked selves and boycott clothing, 'zero discharge' will never be a reality.

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Great to Hear that No Child Labour

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